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    Hey guys i want to sell my second account in LoL i have already sell the first and i wanna sell and the second i get bored to play this game and i wanna to return to my only love Lineage after 8 months out. First of all this account is 29 level.*(updated to 30 level) Many wonder If you take it i will scam you after 2-3 days.NO because i dont wanna any relationships with this game again. This account has 75 champions owned,6 runes pages,and many many skins. Before tell you the skins i wanna inform you the 7 of them are legendary. Also i have the new 5 icons and the championship icon. Now i will inform you about the skins. Lets start.. Ahri-Foxfire Akali-Silverfang Alistar-Unchaired,Infernal Annie-Frostfire Ashe-Queen Brand-Zombie(legendary) BlitzCrank-Boom Boom Cho'Gath-Battle Prime(legendary) Corki-Redhot Dr.Mundo-Rageborn Evelyn-Tango Ezreal-Frost,Pulsfire Fiddlesticks-Surpice Party Fizz-Trunda Gankgplank-Minuteman Gragas-Vandal Graves-Riot(Not anymore available in shop) Heimeridiger-Snowdiger Janna-Tempest Jax-Vandal Karthus-Reaper Kassadin-Pre void Katarina-Mercenary Kayle-Vindirian Kog'Maw-Lion Dance(legendary) Lee Sin-Dragonfist Malphite-Glacial Maokai-Tempest Master Yi-Samurai Mordekaiser-Lord Nasus-Riot(not available in shop) Nocturne-Frozen terror Nunu-Bot(legendary) Olaf-Brolaf(legendary) Orianna-Battlecraft Riven-Championship(not available any more) Ryze-Dark crystal Sivir-PAX sivir(not available in shop + Rare skin) Skarner-Sandscourge Singed-Riot Singed*ULTRA RARE) Talon-Crimson Elite Teemo-Astronaut(legendary) Tristana-Riot girl,bucaneer Twisted Fate-underworld,jack of hearts Udyr-Primal Varus-Blight crystal Vayne-Dragonslayer Victor-Full Machine Vladimir-Blood lord(legendary) Warwick-Big bad Wukong-Jade Dragon,Volcanic Xerarth-scorched eart Xin Zhao-Winged Hussar Ziggs-Party pool Zyra-Wildfire This account has a lot of skins as you see. You can make your offers or you can add me in sacr4ment0 I accept ONLY paypal. Updated Jarvan IV,Renekton owned. Darious and Lord Darious skin owned too. *Updated Diana-Dark Vakyrie Lulu-Bittersweet Anivia-Hextech Caitlyn-Officer Updated notgham ezreal,shamrock malphite,phantom karthus,red baron corki obtained. Updated:Snowmerdinger skin,slay belle katarina,festive maokai,misteletoe le blanc,and shyvana champion own3d. The price has stucked to 40 euro paypal or 50 euro paysafe!!
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.