Sold (EU) Midgame acc with Alpha+Sakura weapon+S Lee+ Selector+ 16.6K BC+ 2.7K Event Construct ticket

Discussion in 'Punishing Gray Raven Accounts for Sale - Buy & Sell' started by zagarat, 9/20/21.

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  1. zagarat

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    WTS Midgame Account since i don't have time to maintain
    F2P. Never top up

    (well prepared for S Bianca and her weapon when they release.)
    as of now i have 16.6k BC and 2750k Event Construct ticket
    haven't done this weekly mission. so, you can get additional 1k BC

    you can get a total of 22k Ticket before S Bianca release. given they release her 3 weeks from now on
    that means, you are guaranteed to get her and pity her weapon

    Binded to Dummy Gmail (Unvirif) will be given

    haven't touched new chapter 9, golden vortex, stronghold and babel tower to get more BC/Mats/Memory's
    I'm currently farming Event's token to get Liv costume/mats and preparing for S Bianca equipment.

    Discord: Gr1mz#0317
    Lf: Paypal FnF
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.