Eu defiant 50 war (p4) 50 mage 30 rogue ( 1 2)

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    Hey guys im looking to sell my rift account for verified paypal only with middle man at buyers expense (this will be considered into the price) Im also willing to trade it for FFXIV account + game. i will list all the items from each char (except rogue as its just crafted gear) and then currencies, notoriety etc. Its on a pve server at the moment but the transfer is up and ready to move else where. it has about 20 days of game time left and it comes with everything you need to make this account yours! This is a collectors edition account and upgraded for the traveling banker and spider mount 50 WARRIOR tank and dps specs. tank 220 toughness 315 hit (HK ready) dps 275 hit (just a few pieces for hk ready) weapons Verdant Slayer (tank sword infiltrator johlen drop) Infiltrator's Axe (dps axe johlen drop as well ) Tidal Deepcleaver (dps axe t2 drop) Ancient stormbound axe (dps axe t2 drop) Claw of wanton rage (dps dagger master mode DD drop) Crippler of tides (2h dps polearm DH drop) Intimidating Shovel (dps 2h GP drop ) Prince's Crest (tank shield Prince Hylas drop) Quantum repeater (dps attk power gun GP drop) Mariner's hand cannon (tank block gun DH drop) Gedlo's dragon hunter gun (dps t2 drop) helmets Lotham's savage great helm (tank helmet t3 vendor) Visage of the deep (dps helmet epic saga quest reward) Legionare's helm (dps helmet pvp rank 3 ) shoulders Lotham's savage shoulder plates (tank t3 vendor gear) Mighty Blood-forged pauldrons (epic str augment crafted 1.4 shoulders) Mighty Weight of the world (crap dps shoulders pre 1.4) body armor Lotham's savage breast plate (tank t3 vendor gear) Soul sipher carapace (dps armor Plutonus drop ) Legionaire's breastplate (dps armor PVP rank 4) gloves Lothams savage gauntlets (tank t3 vendor gear) Dhel's sinister gauntlets (dps t3 vendor gear) Legionaire's gauntlets (dps pvp rank 4 gear) belts Green dragonscale belt ( attack power dps belt trash drop gsb) Bramble spike girdle (phys crit dps belt LGS drop) Qeuloo's belt (leather crit belt DRR drop) Stormlord's girdle (tank block belt DRR drop) Legionaire's Belt (dps pvp rank 4 gear) leg armor Wave crasher leg plates (tank l DH drop +50 tough) Legionnaire's greaves (dps l PVP rank 4) Legionnaire's greaves (dps l T2 vendor gear, no confusion there lol ) boots Lotham's savage sabatons (tank t3 vendor gear) Dhel's sinister sabatons (dps t3 vendor gear) Legionaire's sabatons (dps pvp rank 4 gear) necklaces Sobek tooth torc (tank block neck DH drop) Legionaire's pendant (dps pvp rank 4) Ice shard pendant (dps crit DH drop) Barnacle encrusted chain (dps neck + water breathing from event) Pungent moss gorget (parry tank neck mmDD drop) trinkets King of the fight (bis tank and dps trinket pvp from unseen rep) Insanity sliver (tank t2 drop) Crustacean talisman (tank t2 drop) Song of lost souls (dps or tank t2 drop) rings Lost signet of akylios (tank DH drop) Rugged signet of stalwart (tank epic endurance augment 1.4 crafted gear) Legionaire's insignia x2 (pvp rank 4) Enchanted goblin knuckle ring ( dps ring mmDD drop) Chitin bound signet (dps ring mmDD drop) Loop of the dangerous (dps t2 drop) synergy crystals Blighted warlord crystal (tank 4/4 reached) Blighted riftblade crystal (dps 2/4 reached) Legionaire's synergy crystal (pvp 4/4 reached) currencies(due to change at any time) 45 plat(have roughly 1000p in materials/consumables in bank if you need plat) 21 inscribed sourcestone 20k favor 2k planarite 69 plaques 49 marks 2 crafting plaques 20 lucky coins mounts ash strider mossy tartagon swift gold elderitch steed (110% epic mount) crocnard spindrel 5 60% mounts source engines death resist - all epic tank with emphasis on block - all epic attack power dps - all epic phys crit dps - all epic working on epic water resist notoriety icewatch - glorified mathos - 27k/60k revered dragonslayer - 12k/60k revered runeguard - glorified arcane hand - revered granite falls - honored freemarch - honored redscar trackers - 7k/35k honored Rift factions all = honored Pvp is not to serious except unseen decorated. Crafts are artificer (2 epic 1.4 recipes) armorsmith (2 epic 1.4 recipes) 300 mining (tempered oric bar learned) has 5 bank slots open 4 soul spots open and 22 slot bags for inventory and many different wardrobes (scarn helm and the stuff from upgraded accounts) The mage is t2/t3 geared with some drops from t1 raids (ros gsb and dh mostly) has about 270 focus and some currency, comes with 300 outfitter and 300 runecrafter. for more info on the mage or the warrior feel free to ask! Price starts at 100€ and buyout is 300€ unless a good offer is recieved! thanks for looking!
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