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    EU PERENTO SERVER WTS THIS ACCOUNT ONLY!!! I have tried 2-3 Times in the past to sell this account, since then i have got better gear, and thought i will try again. Assassin Account lvl 55 + lvl 50 Cleric + lvl 51 Glad Selling lvl 55 Pro Assassin Account I'm the Owner of this account for 2 years Old September 25th 2011, finally willing to sell this amazing account. My Assassin is well Known on Perento server. He's One of the best Assassins in game. He's Elyos and has amazing Damage. I have sold game accounts in the past without any problems, but not on this website. I'm using this site because friends of mine have now quit the game and sold their accounts. I am very Trustworthy as i understand we are dealing with peoples real money, and i am willing to talk if need be to build a trust. I can offer ventrilo or even my mobile number or House Number to prove am trustworthy and can answer any questions through any these 3x methods or a PM on this site. I am only willing to accept Money through Western Union and you pay the charge for sending it your end and not out of the agreed Money we agree on. Or Paypal What you get with this account Full 50 lvl PVP Armor, all items +10 and all have +5 Attack Manastones socketed. 2x PVP Weapons lvl 50 Dagger/Sword (Both have Silence Godstones socketed) PVP Accessories Eternal 55 lvl 2x Rings Eternal 55 lvl Helmet (With Assassin Pena Skin On it) Eternal 55 lvl Belt Eternal 55 lvl Necklace 1x Eternal 55 lvl Earring 1x 50 lvl Abyss Earring What items come on this account and Assassin Miragents Title + Miragent Bow on the Assassin 21x Plat Medals 3x Silver Medals 200x Boiling Blood Stains 35Mill Kinah Over 150Mill Worth items On The Broker Assassin - Alchemy 451/499 Assassin - Aethertapping 493/499 Assassin - Essencetapping 422/499 Cleric - Tailoring 300/499 Also listed below is the other Characters i have and what gear. Cleric lvl 50 64K AP STACKED 40 AP Chest +3 with Magic Resist 12 socketed 40 AP Boots +5 with Magic Resist 12 socketed 40 AP Shoulder +5 Gaurds with Magic Resist 12 socketed 40 AP Gloves +5 with Magic Resist +12 sockted Balaur Shield +3 lvl 50 (Only AP Gear Missing is Leggings and accessories) Gladiator lvl 51 168K AP STACKED Full lvl 30 Accessories (Apart from the helmet) AP 40 lvl Boots +10 with HP +85 socketed AP 40 lvl Gloves +10 with HP +85 sockted Kromede' spear +10 attack speed 16% TAKING OFFERS PLEASE, NO SCRUBBY OFFERS AS I DO BELIEVE THIS ACCOUNT IS WORTH 300Euro+ STILL. OFFERS ON WALL AND NOT IN A PM My lvl 51 Gladiator also
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