[EU-Asmo] 55 Templar + 200+ mill in items ( 1 2)

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    Asmodian level 55 Templar on Telemachus-EU server Full level 50 PVP Accessories (2xring, 2xearring, belt, neck) + Lakhane's Kerchief Full level 40 Elite Archon Centurion's Plate Set (2 pieces +10) ALL +5 Attack/+15 Crit Manastones +10 Fenris's Greatsword merged with level 40 PVP Greatsword +10 Horned Dragon Emperor's Mace (best level 55 gold crafted ingame) Anuhart Elite's Scale Shield Also has FULL gold PvE accessories and Eternal level 55 Ring Full Fenris set for +HP set with level 50 balic remodel (Dark Dragon's ...) 4 x Anuhart Templar Set pieces for +Block set All gear is fully socketed with green quality manastones. 150k+ AP Items Banked 40+ Platinum Medals Loads and loads of consumables Armorsmithing 460+ Alchemy 449 Essence Tapping 470+ Aethertapping 400+ Also includes several alts ranging from 35 to 45+ Full level 30 Daevonian Set + Several Daevonian Weapons Pre-order 12 month veteran reward claimed 30 million kinah cash massive amount of items estimated value: 200+ million kinah if sold cheap right now a few examples of what these items are: 15 x L77 - L83 Enchantment Stones TONS of Manastones +15 crit/+17 crit/+95 HP/+27 Magic Boost/+5 attack and much much much more This account is as complete as it gets. Payment Options: Paypal/Bank Transfer Buyout price € 200.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.