Selling  Europe  60+  [EU] 60 Lv Ninja (Multi) Tri-Boss, 376GS, 1.6Bil + Email

Discussion in 'Black Desert Accounts - Buy Sell Trade' started by Shozy, 8/28/18.

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    Hi Gamers

    I would like to sell my EU BDO Account. I am the original owner of the account. You get the Account and email to the account for full access.

    The account contains 14 characters:
    Awakened Ninja 60lev
    Awakened Wizard 57lev
    Awakened Musa 56lev
    Awakened Striker 56lev
    10 alts for free energy to gathering, black vendor or amity games. I use 3 Awakened characters for bosses, Kzarka's Node 10lev.

    400 Energy, 308 Contribution Points

    Full TRI Boss Gear + Urugon's Shoes gratis if u are not gonna play Ninja, Dande, Kzarka and 3 Offhands (Kutum, Nouver, Tadd).
    All main story quests done besides Kamasylvia. Quest for desert trading buff also.
    A lot of EXP/Skill buffs.
    2x Tier 7 Horse with Instant Accel
    One 29lev with Drift, Sprint, Instant Accel, Charge, Sideways with Divine Lahr Arcien Horse Gear Set.
    A lot of horses to play with breeding. You can also buy Tier 8 Horse ( 1.6Bil in Bank)
    All staff to failstacking are in Velia. (screenshot)
    (I usually use Reblath armor parts to 10 failstacks, green Heve part to 15+ failstacks and green offhand to 25-30 failstacks)
    Saved failstacks on account : 51, 51, 50, 47, 46, 44, 40, 27, 26, 17, 16.

    Ninja has 200LT, 150LT, 100LT, 50LT Weight Limit Increase (also Max Loyality Weight Limit Increase)
    Desert Camouflage - almost completely black, best for night ambushes (visible on the screenshots)
    Narusawa Weapon & Outfit Premium Set (white gear visible on the screenshot)

    Value pack for 130 days (6500 pearls worth)
    5000 Loyalty Points
    6 pets max level
    2x Storage Maid, 1x Marketplace Maid
    Appearance Change Coupon x2
    Kamasylves Blessing x9 (7 days)
    Book of Combat x8
    2x forse flute (7 days)
    Cliff's Skill Add-on Guide (30 Days)
    3x Merv's Palette (7Days) + a lot of dyes
    4x skill resets

    64 Workers, almost all Artisan on max level
    Workers empire setup for daily afk income
    Almost all Professions Clothes +2
    5.0 Billion worth assets in the storages (excluding gear)
    1.600.000.000 Raw silver in Storage
    3 nodes with 10 lvl

    Professions (Life Skills)
    Gathering: Professional 8.5
    Processing: Master 12
    Cooking: Master 3
    Alchemy: Professional 8.5
    Training: Skilled 5.9
    Fishing: Apprentice 1.9
    Hunting: Beginner 3
    Trading: Artisan 10 - trade crates available ($$$$$)
    Farming: Beginner 4
    Sailing: Beginner 2

    You can upgrade you account to get Extra Content
    1 Value Pack (30 Days)
    5 Elion's Blessings
    Character Slot Expansion Coupons
    Inventory Slot +8 Expansion Coupon
    Tier 5 Horse
    Horse Flute (Permanent)
    Silver Embroidered Life Clothes Exchange Coupon
    2 House Furnishings Coupons

    Good account for a really good game only 250€. If you are interested send my your offer.
    If you need more information or want to contact the best way is through Discord (im always online) - Psychol#6093 or here


    I'm sorry but I didn't have time to enhance accessories and it is easy way to increase the gear score a bit (a lot of accessories in warehouse).
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    Last price $200?..
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