[EU] 2 Aion Accounts lvl 50 Sorc & 45 Assassin (Same Master Account :()

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    Selling 2 accounts on the new EU servers under the same Master Account, both chars have decent gear and are on same server Elyos side. Sorc has 12 million wings, gold weapon and some gold armor. Assassin is almost full blue with gold weapon. Assa account also have almost full blue "Twink" Gladiator and Sorc account has almost full blue 23 SM which was supposed to be my elite farm char [​IMG] I can arrange around 5 mill kinah on both accounts. If you have more questions send them to [email protected] I don't have much time to make the perfect list of everything about the chars because I dont think I will find anyone who wants to buy both accounts as the price will be quite high. I'm also lvling assassin atm so it will be higher lvl when someone buys it. My account would be perfect for 2 friends who want to start Aion and share the same master account. My price is 450? - 500? for the whole package. Pm/Mail me if intrested.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.