Selling  Android and iOS Endgame seven deadly sins account, 200K and 2m box cc

Discussion in 'Seven Deadly Sins Grand Cross Boosting for Sale - Buy and Sell' started by Ichi27, 10/26/20.

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    Selling my seven deadly sins because i can’t grind the game anymore as I just don’t have time. The account is pretty much up to date and has all the best units in the game. Champion on pvp so 50 weekly gems. the account has 200,000 Combat Class (with no food)and 112,000 (no food) ungeared combat class with no food on both. 2/6 Coinshop Gowther, 3/6 green Escanor UR set, 1/6 Red Derieri with a UR set, 3/6 Red Escanor with a ur set/ 3/6 blue Lilia with Ur gear, 6/6 Blue Elizabeth and hawk, 3/6 Blue and Red demon Meliodas with UR gear, 6/6 red Arthur, 6/6 greem Jericho, 6/6 Red howzer, 6/6 Coinshop King with UR gear,6/6 counter Meliodas. pretty much all units are UR and almost 6*. Account has a lot of collab exclusive units for example SR Eren, SSR titan transformation Eren and SSR Mikasa, SSR Rimuru, SR Slime Rimuru and SSR Benimaru. It also has insane materials, 198 Gray Demon wings, 229 Red Demon horns, 138 Crimson Demon horns, 6, 6* star Demon blood and 12 6* Water of life, 43 SSR pendnats, 99 5* light chalices, 82 5* demon chalices, 141 anvils, 363 5* Awakening stones. Dm on discord Ichi#8138/Adham#1619 for price
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