Sold Endgame NA - 3 slot Tart (Darc), 4 Slot Mami, 11 other natural 4* (updated)

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    Heavily played (rank90+), launch week account with a good selection of characters and memoria, and all event limited goodies.
    The story and challenge mode cleared almost entirely, most character stories at least 2 chapters cleared (for stones) - all story parts can be replayed in archive.
    All event.s cleared - you will get all limited stuff like outfits, main screen backgrounds, event memorias, welfare event girls: Ayame, Umika, Melissa, Tsukasa, and game launch promo Glasses Homura which saves good 500 magia chips worth of buying her slot
    Natural 4*:
    - Tart (Darc) - considered the strongest girl in the game, currently at 3 slots, due to being limited it might take quite a while before she gets any banner rerun; doppel unlocked
    - Kazumi - another limited girl, but 1 slot
    - Mami - 3 slots; doppel
    - Ren - 2 slots; doppel
    - Kirika - 2 slots
    - 6 other girls with 1 slot, 3 have doppel
    Other notable girls:
    - 2* Yachiyo (4 slots), 2* Tsuruno (2 slots) - maxed with doppels after their uncap
    - 3* Nanaka - 2 slots, after her uncap she will be one of the stronger PvP girls despite not being natural 4*

    Out of all those only 2x 4* and Nanaka aren't lv100

    - I Made Friends - the most broken memoria in the game, 5 separate copies, NOT MLB at the moment
    - 3 MLB maxed evade memoria - good for PvP
    - 2x Those Days Are Gone -MLB maxed
    - Walking The Same Path
    - Reinforcements From Another Time, Unfaltering Conviction, I Won't Stray - all MLB maxed
    - many other 4*

    A lot of time and effort put into the game, wide selection of girls to play with, including slotted Tart - hence the high price.
    Payment through PayPal only, if you want more details you can contact me on discord
    -> Pierre Kirby#4993
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