Elyos(Kromede) Veteran 55 Sorc+SM+Gladi+Temp

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    So I am selling my Veteran AION Account on EU Server Kromede Elyos. Sorcerer: Weapon: +12 Master Carved Darkwater Orb with 50 PvP Fuse and Godstone 3.760 fire damage PvP EQ: Full Eternal 55 PvP Accessories (2x Earrings, 2x Rings, Belt) Stately Coliseum Champion's Bandana (eternal 55) +10 Elite Guardian Tribus's Leggins (fabled 50) +10 Elite Guardian Tribus's Pauldrons (fabled 50) +10 Elite Guardian Tribus's Shoes (fabled 50) +5 Guardian Brigade Generals Tunic (eternal 55) +10 Guardian Primus Pilus's Gloved (fabled 55) PvE EQ: Omega's Bandana (enternal 55) 2x Debilkarim's Turqoise Earrings (enternal 52) 2x Anurati's Turqoise Ring (enternal 52) Stormwing's Tunic (enternal 55) Stormwing's Leggings (enternal 55) Stormwing's Shoes (enternal 55) Stormwing's Pauldrons (enternal 55) Stormwing's Gloves (enternal 55) Stigma: Full damage tree Full CC tree except Sleepstorm Crafting: Essencetrapping 499 Aethertrapping 499 Alchemy ~505 Tailoring ~470 Inventory: Change Appereance Ticket AP-Items worth ~450.000 AP ~53.000 Crucible Insigna ~2.800 Courage Insignia ~1.000 Greater Divine Life Serum (AP-Pots) ~1.000 Greater Divine Mana Serum (AP-Pots) ~200 Seed of Transformation Full Miragent's Set including Weapon ~110 Platimus Medals Other: All Movement Styles available (Ninja and Hovering) Miragent's Title All available Pets that can hold Items (6,10,18 Places) Templar: EQ: Stormwing's Shield Noble Coliseum Champion's Shoulderplates Noble Coliseum Champion's Gauntlets Jotun's Breastplate Jotun's Greaves Malikas Sabatons Stigma: Both Tree's Full Other: All Movement Styles available (Ninja and Hovering) Account: Other Characters: 55 Gladiator 55 Spiritmaster Warehouse: Kinah amount: ~220.000.000 ~300 Greater Manastones ~2.000 normal Manastones Godstone: 3.760 fire damage ~80 Gold Medals ~1500 Scrolls (Greater Courage, Running, Flying, Casting, ect.) Payment: Im Accepting Paypal(Trusted members only)/bank transfer. After receipt of Payment you will receive all information of the Account (including secret questions) You can contact me in english and german. Offers will be accepted as PM only
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