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    Hello over there, I'm Kamil 'VIRTUO' and I'm a dedicated LoL player that is playing on somewhat good level, I'm currently at Diamond IV rank on EUNE, I'd be much higher - Challenger probably but I just decided to help out these people that are struggling to get higher in terms of their own rank/ELO or however you want me to call it. Why would you choose me?: Well, the thing is that I'm as same as all of you guys are here, I'm just a human being that plays LoL and well, I just want to help you guys out for the lowest price a-beep-t that has been posted here on these forums. I'd ask, why wouldn't you choose me? Yes, I know that I am new here but I have been boosting my friends accounts plenty times (it was back in both S1 and S2 so I can't really give you any proof)and they didn't regret it as they got their account back with higher rank etc. Still, if you don't trust me, you know that you can recover the account by filling this format Code: [Select] · Account Name (the name you log in to the LoL client with): · Summoner Name (the name your friends see in-game): · The server you play on (NA, EU-West or EU-Nordic/East): · Creation date of the account (Month/Year): · Original email address used to register the account: · Location you registered the account (City/State/Country): · Last IP address used to play League of Legends (whatismyip/): Why NA only to Gold?: That's because I don't have any other accounts on that server + I've got ping over 150 there and it would be hard for me to boost fast and easily on NA. ** INFO ABOUT THE PRICES ** BRONZE LEAGUE: D5 -> D4 = 5$ D4 -> D3 = 5$ D3 -> D2 = 5$ D2 -> D1 = 5$ D1 -> SILVER D5= 10$ D5 -> SILVER D5= 25$ SILVER LEAGUE: D5 -> D4 = 10$ D4 -> D3 = 10$ D3 -> D2 = 10$ D2 -> D1 = 10$ D1 -> GOLD D5= 15$ D5 -> GOLD D5= 50$ GOLD LEAGUE: D5 -> D4 = 15$ D4 -> D3 = 15$ D3 -> D2 = 15$ D2 -> D1 = 15$ D1 -> PLATINUM D5= 20$ D5 -> PLATINUM D5= 60$ PLATINUM LEAGUE: D5 -> D4 = 20$ D4 -> D3 = 20$ D3 -> D2 = 20$ D2 -> D1 = 20$ D1 -> DIAMOND D5= 25$ D5 -> DIAMOND D5= 75$ DIAMOND LEAGUE: D5 -> D4 = 25$ D4 -> D3 = 25$ D3 -> D2 = 25$ D2 -> D1 = 25$ How can you contact me?: Xfire: virtuopro : virtuopro LoL In-Game Account (EUNE): virtzyA LoL In-Game Account (EUW): VIRTUOZAUR (Made for contact-only needs) via PM @ this site. Payment method: >> The Paypal payment method is now available >> you can give me RP codes from Paysafecards (for example if I went from D5 -> D4 for 25$ then u can buy 2 Paysafecards for 20$ and 5$) >> you can get on my account (i'll give you details) and buy RPs from it. Prove us that You're not a scammer!?: "+1 vouch this dude is fast and legit , recomennded." (c) hieuif
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