Selling Elliniams gmls and rls

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    Hello, I’m selling ElliniaMS GMLs and RLS.

    GML: $4 USD
    RLS: $8 USD

    Minimum Purchase: $8 USD
    Payment methods: Paypal, BTC

    I have a team that works alongside me and we dedicate ourselves to bringing you quality service. Our team has experience selling GMLs and RLS on various other servers. We are also extremely knowledgeable on how to avoid detection and bans.

    Since we are new sellers, the first 5 customers will receive 1 free GML with their purchase.

    Terms & Conditions

    You agree to the following when trading with me:

    By purchasing currency from me you acknowledge that you are breaking the Terms of Service of ElliniaMS and that you may be banned for "Real Money Trading".
    I am not responsible for any bans or suspensions that may occur for any reason whatsoever.
    Customers are not entitled to a refund or compensation for losses for any reason whatsoever, unless otherwise stated on this thread.
    Attempting to file a chargeback for any reason will result in the opening of a dispute against you.
    You are receiving consumable virtual goods, and thus any payments sent to me are not refundable as they are automatically consumed by the buyer upon purchase.
    You also agree to any additional terms and conditions I may tell you on Skype/Discord when sending your payment to me.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.