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    Elite Boosting offers specialized Duo Boosting services to clients who are looking for a great all-inclusive boosting experience.

    I am an NA based Veteran GM Booster with over 4 years of experience working for several high profile boosting websites and services. Elite Boosting was founded so I could continue to focus on what I love most about my job: Duo Boosting.

    Why choose me? For starters, I respect your time as my client and will always be friendly, providing you with an elite premium service and a fun, positive Duo experience. I am also extremely experienced with Duo boosts so you can rest assured we will win our games together.

    I offer:

    » Coaching - I am an upfront and honest coach with a proven track record. Coaching can be bundled with a boost or available as a stand-alone service.

    » Voice Chat - Available on client request/preference.

    » Flexible Scheduling - Available from 12PM-12AM EST daily.

    » High Winrate - Worry about coin-flipping no longer; I guarantee a high win-rate and a hard carry to any rank.

    » Highly Competitive Duo Boost Pricing

    » Below Market Solo Boost Pricing

    » VPN & Offline Mode at no additional cost

    » Guaranteed Client Satisfaction


    I also offer personalized game packages that are catered to clients looking for the same elite service on duo boosting or coaching at # prices.

    Please feel free to contact me for more information or with questions:

    Contact via Email at [[email protected]](mailto:[email protected]) or on Discord at HonorInTheHeart#1337

    Clients are encouraged to share their experience with me on my vouch thread!

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