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    hello we are a bunch of players from hungary mainly diamond 1 and 2 and we are looking to do elo boosting. please contact me on for fast response , : borbelyakos43 if u get very low lp(4-5) due to low mmr you will have to pay extra why is it good for you? -none of your friends will know about it if u dont want to -we offer a high winrate % -its really fast (usually faster than 1 division/day) as payment we accept paypal or moneybookers Vouches: Spoiler: Quote: Originally Posted by dragon959 Insane boosting skills! Did a few placement games for me and got me up to Platinum! I went first on the transaction, played one game (and won it) to prove me he was trustworthy and did the other games the next day. Very skilled player overall, never lost me a single game and so worth the money! Quote: Originally Posted by He-Solares Played a Solid good lane,outfarmed his enemy,and ended game in 20 min. Quote: Originally Posted by SkyIsHigh Played a DuoQ with him around Silver I. Pretty nice guy. He is friendly and not raging when someone makes a fault. I can only recommend him Quote: Originally Posted by Sly' played a game with him, very good player he played xin zhao good service Quote: Originally Posted by RazorLightBoost Check me on if you're looking for a vouch! razorlightboost He played a game on my smurf . Managed to win the game even with 1 d/c. Trustworthy! Quote: Originally Posted by Crash! match unlucky 2 disconnects, but he can carry good booster. Quote: Originally Posted by Fureal Really nice booster. Took him less than a day to boost from Silver 2 to Gold 5. Cool guy in person too, nice to speak with and even offered me to duo if I want to. Really appreciate your work and the nice communication. LEGIT AS FK - give this guy some jobs. Quote: Originally Posted by ChawnX He carried very well, while the xin of his Team fed a bit. But he did well, he is also very friendly and was very fast. Good Guy ! ***************************************************** A few games: Spoiler:
Thread Status:
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