Selling  Android and iOS Dragon Raja Lvl 104 : Vip 11 : limited skins

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    Account Name : Can Be Changed at any time ingame : Lolswag

    Server : S14-IcePort

    Top: 128
    Assassins Top: 11
    Rating: 292k
    Heir: 31k
    Cosiest Homes: 14
    Motors: 13
    Gear Enchant: Orange T2 x8 -2 T1 Purple
    Pets: 8

    Vip : 11 = around $700 USD

    Limited items: Pink Mood chat bubble, Phantom Dress and Hair , Sakura Blossom Headwear , Candy Heart ears (bunny) Their are more items that are limited from fight medal season pass as well

    Six 6 Star ally’s : Photos attacked

    Please Feel Free To Contact Me For Anymore information

    account is binded via email which can be changed to any platform email can be changed as well all login details will be sent once purchase has successfully processed

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