Selling  DOTA 2 | IMMORTAL | ACCOUNT LVL 138 | 22.6K COMMENDS | FULL TI8, 9, AND 10

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    Selling personal unique immortal Dota 2 account only for buyers who will pay first. The price is $360 and payment in USDT only.

    - Account lvl 138
    - 5.7k MMR (Peak 6010 MMR)
    - 22.6k commends
    - 600+ MVP
    - 10k behavior
    - 19 battle cup wins
    - 11.9k hours playtime
    - No smurf pool
    - Max finding queue time 2-3 mins
    - Original email

    TI8 (lvl 1163), TI9 (lvl 895), and TI10 (lvl 1158) battle pass with a lot of cache sets, immortals and arcanas:
    - Arcanas: Shaker (style 2), WR, WK, QOP, Techies
    - Unique Sets: Pudge toy, Antimage female, Invoker kid, Axe hulk, Tiny immortal set
    - Collector Cache Sets: Jugger, Shadow Demon, Enigma, Ancient Apparition, Warlock, Sniper, Nature's Prophet, Phoenix, Pudge, Wraith king, etc...
    - Alot of immortals and taunts
    - Custom maps, creeps, and towers
    - Custom announcer packs
    - Dota plus sets and relics

    High winstreaks with Pudge, Shaker, and Enigma as shown in the image below (63 Winstreak Pudge, 50 winstreak Shaker, and 26 Winstreak Enigma).

    Steam account with 92 games including GTA 5, Euro Truck Simulator 2, PC Building Simulator, The Hunter: Call of the Wild, Assetto Corsa, etc... only pubg is banned on this account so if you don't play pubg then this account is for you.

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