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    ~!~ 99 PRAYER 99 HERBLORE 99 MINING 99 SMITHING 99 CRAFTING 99 FISHING 99 THIEVING 99 COOKING 99 FLETCHING 99 WOODCUTTING 99 FIREMAKING 99 MAGIC C/B - 80m (Kyrzoh) I've made a few threads related to this account, and a lot of them seemed rushed. I am now going to outline every detail about this account and try to spend some time on this thread, because I need it sold. I've had to postpone training on my new prayer/summoning account because of insufficient funds. Let's get the ball rolling here then, shall we?! This account is level 106 (+8) and has a total level of 2149. This is pretty good for the level that it is. A reason for its total being so high is because it has almost half the 99's in the game. That's right it has 12 99's. Did I mention it has membership until JUNE 15th, 2012?! Thats about 5 months and a bit left of membership if you buy it today! This account has a unique item name. It has 259 quest points. It's done Nomad's Requiem, Monkey Madness, Legends, etc. It has full void elite, with one of each of the helms (range/melee/mage). Has it done fight caves? OF COURSE IT HAS! It has a fire cape which you will see in one of the pictures. It has 4 of the gree-gree's including: monkey gree-gree, zombie gree-gree, gorilla gree-gree and ninja monkey gree-gree. The account has absolutely no recoveries set, and it only has an email set (see picture 7). Now it's time for the pictures! Picture 1: Picture 2: Picture 3: Picture 4: Picture 5: Picture 6: Picture 7: Thus ends Liljulian's photo gallery! Now to talk about the price and payment method... I AM ONLY LOOKING FOR RSGP! NO SWAPS! NO PP! NO WU! The A/W for this account is 450m flat! I have a document with all the relevant information pertaining to this account as well as the exact month/day/year this account was made. I will send it over in the form of a notepad document upon successful payment. That being said, I do not hand over full details first, I do not hand over full details to a normal no matter how "famously trustworthy" he is. You can go first, OR, I can allow you access to the account's basic details so you can verify it with your own eyes, and then you pay the RSGP, and then and only then do I send the document with the details that will entitle you to that account as its new owner. Oh and of course we can use an OMM (if you choose), at your expense. I do not split costs, and I do not pay full costs. If you want to add me on my listed in my siggy, make sure you post in the thread telling me you are doing so or PM me from your unique account, because too many people add me without letting me know their username in an attempt to scam me, and I don't go for that. HAPPY POSTING AND I LOOK FORWARD TO DOING BUSINESS WITH YOU~~
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