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    Hello.. I selling my account to lol on EU EAST verry cheap.. acc is 30lvl with 1020 wins acc have 6 pages runes 98 champions 30 skins 1.mythic cassiopeia 2.dragon blade talon 3.deep sea kog maw 4.tradiotional lee sin 5.void nocturne 6.frozen terror nucturne 7mando jarvan IV 8.loch ness cho gath 9.vandal twitch 10.totemic maokai 11.galactic renekton 12.outback renekton 13.dreadkight garen 14.blade mistress morgana 15.astronaut teemo 16.cowgirl miss furtune 17.waterlou miss furtune 18.vandal jax 19.tribal ryze 20.ioania master yi 21.assassin master yi 22.chosen master yi 23.tundra hunter warwick 24.grim reaper karthus 25mando xin zhao 26.bird of pray anivia 27.royal shaco 28.workshop shaco 29.french maid nidalee 30.nottingham ezreal if you interested my acc pm.. i am from greece! pm me to talk for the price. thx..
Thread Status:
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