Sold Dm ultra/da/mw season 1to6/cw season 2to4/weapons tracers/roze skin

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  1. ghostblodo

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    My Location:
    Price $:
    Buy Now Link:
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    I sell a personal account
    This is cold war, ModernWarfare, MW Remastered account
    The account can be linked to PS, Xbox.
    Roze Skin
    Too many weapons tracers
    blue v
    The account has 250 wins in Warzone,KD in Warzone 2KD,7k kills
    Dark Matter ( Multiplayer )
    Dark Aether ( Zombie )
    seasons MW:1-2-3-4-5-6
    seasons coldwar:2-3-4
    You can change the name.
    Payment Method: PayPal as friends and family
    Discord: Sonic#9714
    The price is $500

    Pro Back CW
    Roze Skin
    Atlanta Faze Bundle
    Anime Truck
    & too many bundles

    Weapons :

    Camos :

    Watches & Finishing Moves :

    Please note:
    Feel free to ask anything For More info & Share Screen
    1.Shadowban is Linked To Your Pc Not To The Account.
    2.If You Have Any Active Bans In your Pc Please Don't Buy This Account From Me.
    3.The account will not give up until I receive the money
    4.If Don't Agree on Any Of These Conditions Above I mentioned Please Don't Buy This.
    5.I play the account every day. Every detail will be provided in discord. I can show it in the live stream.
    6.I am a player who does not have software and never uses it, I see fraudulent sellers in advertisements, do not be fooled by them. The reason they are so cheap must be stolen accounts. They try to sell all their accounts very cheaply, do not trust thieves.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.