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    Hello guys. I'm working on a project that is related to CS:GO skins, so I should buy some items from BitSkins for about $2,500. Specifically, I've been trying to deposit that amount for already 10 days on my balance.

    The problem is very simple, BitSkins for some reason requires that your PayPal be whitelisted before purchasing. I mean, LOL. What is any good of being forced to give so much information just to be able to BUY? I did not join BitSkins with the intention of selling items, if i did I'd understand, okay, i have to give all the information before I get my money on my PP account. But i wasn't selling items, all i wanted is to deposit money on my balance so i can buy.

    Because of the project i am working on, i decided i will prove to BitSkins that i own my PayPal account (LOL).

    -September 30, i got instructions email from BitSkins. -October 1, I sent all the information to get permission to use my personal PayPal account I provided a picture of myself (a selfie) holding my government-issued photo ID and i provided link to my Facebook profile. So, yes, I've done everything they asked. -October 1, they answer with this message : "Hi, We are unable to verify your account." What was that answer to my appeal?! I submitted what they were looking for and besides all that I was extra decent. Why am I denied? It makes no sense. -October 2, i send message and ask them to explain me why i was denied, no sorry, why they are unable to verify my account. I waited until October 4 for their answer, I have never received their response on my question.

    At BitSkins I have registered my Visa card, of course limit to spend per day is $100. So i should deposit 100$ for 25 days to have amount i need.. So i see they offer a service where i can "Verify my account for higher daily spending limits". I think, i should go for this, i was thinking. -October 6, I received automatic message with instructions. (1.I should picture my Visa next to my ID / 2.Selfie with Visa) -October 6, I answered on their email message, submitted everything they asked for. By the way, in the same message I explained that I almost did the same thing a few days ago. I was thinking, if they declined frist time for PayPal there is no chance they will do it again, they should higher my daily limits with Visa. Becouse two times I sent my different private personal information, with my face, as they requested. YOU CAN SEE IT'S ME. -October 7, They answer with this message : "Hi, Please provide a link to your public social media profile. Facebook or LinkedIn work fine." Okay so, I've already sent them a link to my Facebook profile, when i wanted to get my PayPal whitelisted i provided a link of my FB account. -October 7, I provided a link of my Facebook profile once again. I didn't get anymore messages from them after i provided what they asked me to. -October 9, I send two messages to them asking them what is problem to answer me. Still i don't get any answer.

    So please guys, explain me this. : Company where I should spend $2,500, denied my appeal for whitelisting MY PayPal even if i provided all proofs. Why they can't let me use my Visa/PayPal, why did i send all my Personal data and then you declined me without any explanation. At least they should explain me why i send ALL my private data for nothing?!

    Someone please tag owner of BitSkins so he can explain this, or maybe the support agents are just lazy.(?) I still want my right to use my PayPal, not some playerup or Visa with 100$ per day. Cmon, do something about this i didn't provided al my private data for nothing.

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