Selling   Destiny 2 PlayStation account for sell. Full access with email Cross save available.

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    Destiny 2 PlayStation account for sell.

    Full access with email.

    Cross save available for (p.c/strem/

    Bungi Name Change is Available.




    All subclasses are unlocked for titan/hunter/warlock.

    28 Exotic weapon unlocked.

    46 Exotic Armor unlocked.

    Famous Exotic Armor unlocked.

    Titan Cuirass of the Falling Star.

    Warlock-Phoenix Protocol-The Stag

    Secant-FiLaments-Lunafaction Boots

    Famous Rear-Raid Exotic.

    Eyes of tomorrow

    Raid weapon unlocked.

    Hazen Vengeance-Rocket Launcher

    preadyth Revenger- Sniper-

    Corrective-Measure- Machine Gun

    Commemoration-Machine Gun

    Bequest- Sword

    Dungeon Grasp of Avaric weapon.

    Full armor set of is unlocked.

    Matador 64- Shotgun unlocked.

    1000 Yard Stare sniper unlocked.

    Eyasluna-Hand cannon unlocked.

    Hero of Ages Sword unlocked.

    Dungeon The shattered throne Solo flawless.

    Waking Vigil-hand-connon.


    Special emblem unlocked.

    Other Famous weapon unlocked.

    Exotic:Parasite full Quest complete.

    Exotic Gjallarhon Unlocked.

    The Lament Exotic Sword Unlocked.

    Rare-Cloud striker Exotic sniper unlocked.

    Reckless Endangerment- Shotgun.

    Trinity Ghoul exotic bow with catalyst.

    Arbalest Liner-Rifle Exotic with catalyst.

    Nightfall Weapon Unlocked.

    Silicon Neuroma-sniper

    Duty Bound- Auto-Rifle

    The Comedian-Shotgun

    Other Consumables grind.

    30 Strange Coin are Available.

    Memory Fragment are available.

    One Ascendant-shard is available.

    8 Enhancement Prism are available.

    155 Enhancement Core are available.

    47 Raid Spoils of conquest are available.

    25 UpGrade Module are available.

    5,150 Bright Dust are available.

    176-Mods are unlocked.


    Throne word Fynch Reputation Rank 15

    Vanguard Ranked Reset.

    Gambit Jadestone- Shader.

    IF you have any Question please feel free to Contact me My Discord is.

    (Note: it’s without DLC I didn’t buy any DLC)

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