Selling Description This necro is a beast of a soloer. All...

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    Description This necro is a beast of a soloer. All Dot aa's done up to 96, all pet aa's done up to 95. Also has the basic survival aa's complete. The necro has 2.0. Full set of RoF gear, and a nice set of augs started as well. Also has the anguish BP pattern. I just need to finish up his rep. I am the original owner. Happy bidding. Also has a twink 65 Beastlord. Wearing a mix of GoD and some Planes raid gear. If your feeling a bit nostalgic:) Hello! I have for sale my level 96 male halfling Rogue on the Firiona Vie server. Fully VoA t4 and RoF t1 group geared. Magelo profile is authentic besides the name. Please bid with confidence. I have been selling here for more than 10 years. Contact me with any questions or concerns. Thank you! - 96 Rogue; male halfling - Gold subscribed until March 2, 2013 - All expansions (19/19) - Magelo:

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    - More than 100,000 platinum on the account - 300 ALL trade skills! - Tier 5 journeyman mercenary - 7200+ AA points - Every single leadership AA - Alaran language is at 90 - Epic 2.0 - 100 station cash - 398 loyalty tokens - Lots rank 3 tomes - Over-haste, shrink and levitate clickys - Recent name change, virtually unknown. - Lots of unique titles and suffixes - 24 illusions - 3 unique mounts - Very decent augment set equipped - Comes with Secret Word - CD Keys were purchased digitally but we no longer have a copy of these keys so they do not come with the account. - We are not the original owner of this account
Thread Status:
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