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    Hello. Stopped playing PoE so placing my whole account on sale. Two of my characters are built for full 'Increased Rarity/Increased Quality' map runs, easily farming the best uniques in the game alongside a good deal of currency with incredible per map clear speed. Estimated worth of this account is around 210-215 exalts softcore in-game currency (current rates of exalts are between 9 and 11$ per one in RM), counting only high value equipment, currency and maps. Characters, spare and quality equipment for sale, numerous valuable jewelry for all occasions, prepared uniques and linked equipment for leveling and two stash pages of skill gems are NOT included in the total value and come as a bonus. I plan to sell this account for as close as possible to the estimated value and will be taking appropriate offers in RM. In case someone is interested in particular pieces of equipment or currency, we can discuss that as well but know that they will be sold for full price and won't get any discounts coming with selling the whole account. Important: scammers don't need to bother - I've successfully sold several accounts before, every conversation will be recorded, multiple confirmations/pm's will take place during conversations, posting in this thread is required before pm-ing, payment will be handled trough Western Union with you going first(I am paypal verified but not dealing trough it due to chargeback scams), in case of using MM service, buyers cover all the fee's, and so on. Required of you: - post in this thread before pm-ing me for more info/ contact - knowing everything is recorded - agree on forum/ confirmations trough posts/pm's Provided by me: - providing contact after seeing you post here and pm me - screenshots of all valuable gear, currency, maps, other - full info on the account including characters, builds, how to play them, other - in-game 100% confirmation before the sale takes place, will do anything you ask to assure you this is legit Some of the equipment on this account: 6L Shavronne's Wrappings 5L Shavronne's Wrappings 6L Armor/Es chest One of the best circlets in the game One of several Andvarius rings Midnight Bargain Few 20% gems, got around 15: With over 20 exalts of currency, over 40 68+ maps and much, much more. Please read 'Required of you' before Pm-ing me.
Thread Status:
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