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    Selling my account LF Money or FFXI Gill. Its a US PS3 account so I be handing over my PSN account as well. Account is a Female Toon Currently small sprite size. Hero 152 SP (Has all Auras) Spirit of the Stag 8/8 (Controller Role Fully Modded) Heart of the Lion 8/8 (Tank Role Fully Modded) The Last Aurochs 8/8 (Healer Role Fully Modded) Strength of the Ram 8/8 (DPS Role Precision Modded) *I can switch it before sale* Checkmate Operative 8/8 (Fully Modded) Checkmate Infor. 7/8 (Missing Chest) Account has Gold Might rings x8 + Gold Neck (Precision and Might Gold neck) (Two of them with Might Afficity and Modded with Might IV) Healer Gold rings /w Resto IV + Gold Neck Troller Vit rings with Vit. IV + Gold Neck Account has All TIV plans + plus 3 Remix plan on all 3 main Toons Did all the gathering Feat. I have Tons of 131.1 PVE weapons / Two-handed/bow/MA/Staff/Shield/Pistols/One handed/HB/Brawling/ ALL PVP Feats are Done ALL LEGEND CHARACTER UNLOCKED MINUS ORIGINAL BATMAN As of Right Now the toon has new PvP armor, Full Aeronut Suit. Account Comes with one Power Respect Token and over 10,000 REPLAY BADGES Toons has 250 Mark of Ledgends 40,000 Mark of Triuph Im only interesed in Money or prefer FFXI GILL.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.