Selling  Global  Rank 100+ Day 1 GL legit whale account (Rank 230+) with lots of limited units and more

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    For sale I put my account that I have been playing since the servers start. I have put hundreds of hours (if not thousands) into it - I am quite sure I never put less than 2 hours per day in over the last three years (which is actually crazy when I think about it:cry:).
    Until the account gets sold, I will continue to play it every single day; sadly real life takes too much of my time these days and I have to say goodbye to this account after three years, as I do not want for it to just be forgotten. I am really in love with this account and it makes me a bit sad to give it away.

    Some key points:

    • Rank 23x
    • currently ~6000+ lapis
    • ~60-70 million Gil
    • ~15k trust coins, with around 30k that could be acquired immediately by trading in my max level 5* and 6* units (only counting expendable 3* and 4* base units)
    • stacked with tickets, countless TMRs (literally macro farmed since the start) and many STMR (also a lot of SMTRs nearly fully farmed at 3/4)
    • ~60+ 7* units (I have not counted them exactly)
    • countless 5* bases
    • ~50+ UoC tickets - never used any
    • Slots have been expanded a lot - never worry much about them!
    • TONS of king metal minituars and stat pots saved up (constantly at the 1500 limit)
    • 1000%+ in trust moogles saved up
    • Over 1000 arena tickets; and over 30k arena points
    • Friend points at max with many gifts still saved up to claim for moogle event
    • 2 RoD - I do not how many people have farmed up 2 RoD to this point, but I can guarantee with this account you will belong to a select few. These have been legitimately farmed in RoDK, no injection - I literally spent months running that stupid exploration 24/7.
    • 3 Prism Moogles, with Trust Moogles saved for (examples):
      • Tomb Raider
      • Protec Grappler G3
      • TF29 Agent
      • Exquisite Hairpiece
      • and many more...
    • many limited units, including (but not limited to):
      • White Knight Noel 7*
      • Chow 7*
      • Demon Rain 7*
      • Rena 7*
      • Christine 2 copies 7* each, one with STMR farmed (=6 copies)
      • Grim Lord Sakura 7*
      • Dragonlord 7*
      • Liquid Metal Slime
      • Yan
      • Ling
      • Toby (also one 3* and one 4* copy for mirage/evade cheese)
      • Illusionist Nichol (also one 4* copy for mirage/evade cheese)
      • Single copies of Ang, Rico Rodriguez, Explorer Aileen, Lilith, Sophia, Bart, Sora, 2B prism, Bai Hu& Zhu Que - you will be able to 7 star these units once their prism is sold in coin shop
    • For other notable units check the imgur album, my most loved ones:
      • Zargabaath
      • Sylvie
      • Myra
      • Wilhelm
      • Sacred Shield Charlotte
      • Folka
      • Beryl
      • Malphasie
      • Circe
      • Ellesperis
      • Gladiolus
      • Elephim (soon to be OP)
      • King Edgar
      • CG Lid
      • etc.
    • Story complete up to the most recent chapter!
    • All trials complete with all missions! (also fully cleared recent Eggseggcutor with 25 different units on all 3 difficulties)
    • All keys from season 1 complete! (=Great Ravens Manteau)
    • Ancient Ruins complete up to Lv3 (most recent)
    • All parameter missions complete!
    • All story missions complete!
    • All story quests complete! Fully ready for story reset! (maybe I missed one or two - those 20 lapis you can grab yourself ^^)
    • All exploration chests opened! (except some silver chests in the early chapters)
    • Most (if not all) 3* and 4* bases (including limited) - many I have brought to max level of the highest rarity (I only stopped doing this a while ago)
    • All the important TMRs, including 2 full TDH sets and much more (not going to list it all)
    • All important event/limited gear up to this point:
      • Wrapping Gift
      • K Producers Jacket
      • Conceiling Cloth
      • Pod 153 (7 or 8)
      • Metal Slime Shield (3 pieces)
      • Moogle Spear (>4)
      • Magical Top Hat (4 or 5 farmed, 3 more possible)
      • Prodigys Goggles (4 or 5 farmed)
      • Kiyomori (and all other important evade gear)
    • Nearly all espers Lv 60(MAX), only missing Leviathan, Odin, Shiva, Titan and Alexander; those are all above Level 50 - and Bahamut, Asura and Anima are on their respective max levels lol
    • Many Esper Ore, many Relics (crafted 3 Adventurer IV, then started saving), tons of Hard Stone, Pure Stone and Rat Tails from farming RoDK. Also lots and lots of Sacred and Holy Crystals and Megacrysts.
    • All event consumable items still preserved! (e.g. Imperial Hand Grenade, Finas Chocolate)
    • Some Screenshots (I can send more if wished for):
    • and probably a lot more I am forgetting about right now^^
    Basically this account has everything you could ever wish for xD This account has never seen any injection or lapis reseller, so I am confident when I say it will under no circumstances ever get banned - as long as YOU stay away from those aswell lol.
    This account will set you up as one of the top players on the server and will make sure you stay strong for a long time even if you decided never to pull again!
    It also has so many different (and many nieche!) units so you can try out a lot of funny cheese tactics.
    I'm looking for around 1200€, but I am open for discussing. My Discord: Lwep #5212 :)
    The account is currently bound to facebook, the google login transfer has not been used up yet, so we will have to transfer it to a google account :)

    If you have further questions, do not hesitate to contact me either through messaging here or on discord; I will be happy to answer all your questions.
    If you want to pay through middleman, that is ok by me, but we will have to split the cost or something, depending on how much it is.

    All the best!
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  2. OP

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    I am back from Japan now :)

    Also decided to reduce the price to 600$

    Some good stuff was added, however not much lapis right now. Now 62 UoC I think, also pulled a Bartz and some other good things :)
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