Selling  1-24 Hours Custom Runelite Plugins Inferno Zulrah Slayer Flicker Cerberus Pray Switcher Raid Scout Bot

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    Welcome To Hdx Remix Osrs Premium Plugin Shop!

    Current Plugins For Sale:

    Inferno Auto Prayer ( Will prayer flick the entire inferno waves, Jads and Zuk )


    Slayer Prayer Flicker & Auto Attack ( will prayer flick set quick prayer and re-attack set NPC when out of combat )

    Zulrah Prayer Swapper ( Will prayer swap automatically for zulrah )

    Cerberus Prayer Swapper ( Will swap prayers for cerberus boss and ghosts )

    Auto Raids Scouting Bot plugin ( Will automatically scout raids until desires raid layout or rooms )

    Gauntlet Prayer Swapper/Gear swapper ( Swaps prayer and equipment on boss)

    Please Message Me On Discord To Purchase Any Of The Plugins Listed Above. Will add more plugins to this post when i make more. 15% # for all purchases if you vouch afterwards.

    Payment Options: BTC or 07 GP or Paypal (if vouched on sythe)
    Discord: hdx Remix#2635
    UID: 705609245642719264