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    Selling Relic + Empyrean account!!
    I bought this 3 month ago on this website for 1200$ with only Relic and some gears, now it's awesome account i'll
    show all gear here.

    Character info
    Rank 10 Windurst Rank 10 Sandy
    Hume m

    Transfer is UP
    POL keys are available.
    Linked to a SE ID + Token deactivate.
    3,4m in liquid gil. EASILY 9-10M in gear.

    RoZ - Finished
    CoP - Finished
    WotG - Cait Sith
    ToaU - Eternal Mercenary
    ACP - Purchased, not completed
    ASA - not purchased
    AMK - not purchased
    All the Abyssea expansions are purchased.
    Corporal Rank

    76 - BST
    49 - DNC 46 - WAR 23 - SMN
    Full merits ALL
    All relevant atmas for all jobs at 90 and abyssites including 5/5 merit abyssites, increasing HP and MP by a lot, in abyssea.

    All notable gears:

    DRK Gerar's:

    Apocalypse LV 90
    Ultimatum - DMG+14 just need start trial for trade Chloris buds.
    Fire bomblet
    Twilight helm + Mail
    FULL AF3+2
    FULL ares set
    Homam l + feet + hands.
    Shadow brstplate
    Blood cuisses
    Ace's leggings
    Bale chocker
    Goadling belt
    Bale earring
    Abyssal earring
    Hoard ring

    NIN gears:

    Qirmiz thatlum
    Full God equip.
    AF3+2 4/5 miss 2 coin for head +2
    Jingang hose
    Danzo-sune ate
    Ninja kyahan
    Iga erimaki
    Iga Dochugappa
    Iga mimikazari
    Triumph earring
    (other evasion gear i'll show down in thf equipment)

    MNK gear's:

    Furor cesti
    Taurine cesti
    Hades sainti
    Tantra thatlum
    AF3+2 3/5 miss head and hands.
    Melee gaiters
    Hermes sandals
    Twilight torque
    Magoraga bead necklace (Utsusemi casting time -10%)
    Chivalrous chain
    Warwolf belt
    Black Belt
    Cerberus mantle
    Spiral ring
    Dark ring - (Augumented with: Spell interruption rate down 4% + Physical damage taken -5%)

    BLM gear's

    All Staves +1
    Loquacious earring
    stone gorget
    FULL AF3+1 and l +2
    Twilight cloack
    Wizard coat
    Augur's jerasan + gloves
    Lemegeton medallion
    Sorcerer's belt
    Goetia mantle
    Hecate's earring
    Moldavite's earring
    Snow ring
    Diamond ring (augumented with INT+1)

    RNG gear's:

    Aeolus arrow
    Virtus crossbow
    Vision bow
    Carabinier's Axe
    Exequy gun (Latent: Coronach)
    FULL AF3+1 and l +2
    Seiryu's kote
    Crimson hands
    Scout's belt
    Impulse belt
    Buccaneer's belt
    Sylvan Chlamys
    Libeccio mantle
    Sylvan Scarf
    Clearview earring ( Rng acc and att +4 from brulo)
    Volley earring
    Behemoth ring +1 x2

    DRG gear's:

    Vougier's Contus
    Oathkeeper: (Trial 435 /2/4)
    Brisk mask
    AF3+2 Body + hands and miss 1 card for l, +1 feet
    Lancer's torque
    Lancer's pelerine
    Wyrm armlet

    BRD gear's:

    FULL AF3+1
    Yogit Gomlek
    Marduk l + head
    Aiodos matinee
    Aoido's belt
    Marching belt
    Harmony cape
    Omega ring
    Nereid ring

    RDM gear's:

    Duelist chapeau
    Duelist Tabard
    Eradico mitts
    Serpentes hands + feet (Cure potency +5%)
    Stone mufflers (Enhances stoneskin)
    L and feet +1 + Body 7/10 seals for +1
    Morgana's chocker
    Hirearch belt
    Aslan cape
    Graiai earring
    Bifrost ring

    SAM gear's:

    Soboro sukehiro
    Thew bomblet
    ALL AF3+2 miss head
    Varagian helm
    Myochin kabuto
    Byrnie +1
    Heafoch mitts
    Unkai nodowa
    Unkai mimikazari
    Unkai sugemino
    Light gorget + belt for Fudo.
    Saotome belt

    THF gear's:

    Twilight dknife
    Triplus dagger
    Rapidus sax
    Dakini - Trial 27 working for kila+2
    Ungur boomerang
    ALL AF3+1 body +2 and miss 1 stone for hands +2
    Optical hat
    Scorpion harness +1
    Assasin armlets TH+1 and Thief knife TH+1 miss only feet for full TH
    FULL Hecatomb need only buy Curseb body for get it already have Abj.
    Ocelot trousers
    Agasaya's collar
    Twilight belt
    Anguinus belt
    Scouter's rope
    Atheling mantle
    Cavaros mantle
    Cuchulain's mantle
    Boxer'z mantle
    Raider's earring
    Kemas earring
    Ethereal earring
    Vulcan's ring
    Thunder ring
    Rajas ring

    this account is very awesome!!!
    Got all important atmas including PANDEMONIUM WARDEN ONE!! Atma of the hell guardian!!
    Also have Clothcraft 99 + Body and spetacles!!

    Starting bids 1500$ Buyout not set.
    Only who is interested pls, don't want lose time for scammers, i got this account from Maidak that is a very good ppl
    so only send me PM if interested.

    PAYPAL NOT ACCEPTED, ONLY WU! And ONLY with i never do a translation W/O ^^
    thank you and happy bid!

    Also i will trade this is some offer good like other relic or empy account ty.
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