Sold Crossing Void [GLOBAL] LV67 12 S-RANK | 3 LIMITED (2 S-RANK, 1 A-RANK)

Discussion in 'Dengeki Bunko Crossing Void Accounts - Buy Sell Trade' started by thedevilking143, 3/21/20.

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    I loved the game, but im loosing my time, i cant keep up playing the game. Thats why im selling my account now to have someones life feel better.

    Price: $180
    Payment: Paypal
    Discord: LoliHunterDevil#4548
    Mail: [email protected]

    Some information of the Account:

    ! 91Act Acc !

    Level 67 maybe 68 till the account is sold, i will keep playing playerup/treasure hunt
    Pinnacle: Finished
    Limited are :
    S-Rank: Kimono Shana, DW Kirito
    A-Rank: Kimono Asuna
    Raising Projects: every Project is finished and the chars are lvl 60
    Imp Weapons: Indra (Lv181), Jarngreipr (Lv173), Muramasa (Lv160), Lamp (Lv 129), Club of Heracles (Lv 183), Aegis of Zeus(Lv 160),Shield of Xingtian (Lv 106)
    Mats: Coins (18m), Origin Fragments (20),
    Maigo: Paid (1004), Free (2400 will change till the acc is sold but wont go lower only higher), Gacha Voucher (2)
    playerup: Actively played all playerup. Farmed some limited backgrounds and illustrations, Hues not many but some

    Will continue to play to keep the account up-to-date. PM my discord with offers/questions/etc.

    Message / Mail me about questions , i wont go pretty much lower, because i spent much money and dont want to loose that much. I hate RNG

    ^^ Have a nice Day ^^


Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.