Selling  North America Crossfire NA Account

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    Selling Crossfire NA Account 10+ Years Old!

    Still a Honorable Soldier Account with a crazy amount of Permanent ZP crate guns and old coupon Guns.

    Lieutnant Colonel 4!

    check it out right here:

    Note: This Account has never been farmed. Was used to play Competitive Clan matches and ESL 7 Years ago.
    This account has a big history, a great Name and most important of all it has the Legendary Youtuber ( DUCK ) in it's friends list.

    I m not in a rush to sell the Account. I m just putting it out there to see if there is interest in it. So please don't bother lowballing me :).

    PS: All the Guns you see that come from ZP crates are 6 years old or even older, same goes for the Coupon weapons. There are guns in this Account that you will never ever be able to obtain again. ALL OF THE GUNS YOU SEE ARE PERMANENT AND MOST OF THE TIME THERE ARE MORE THAN 2 DUPLICATES OF EACH GUN for example: BC AXE Permanent like 4 times, DE Gold 4 Times ect ect.

    Also the account has Hats that are from way back from the Halloween and Xmas playerup. Those are Permanent aswell.