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    Sup, I recently made this CanFlipping and other utilities macro that uses key and mouse strokes like MacroLab. I quit Eve so I might of well release it, any admin can PM me for source code. Have fun //////////////////////////////////////////// Update: 3/17/12 Fixed Autopilot up even more. Update: 3/15/12 Fixed Autopilot up a bit. After Finding Treasure the script will now pause so you can leave off where you found the treasure (by press Insert) instead of having to start over at belt 1 again. If you do want to start over at belt 1, reload the script (delete) and press home like you did the first time. // Made by: Cross // About Cross CanFlipper: This Eve Online Macro will Warp you from Asteroid Belt to Asteroid Belt looking for Cargo. Once you find Cargo it will Save it's location, warp you to a moon and tell you it's time to Flip! After checking all Belts and finding nothing it will tell you it's time to move on to the next Solar System. It can also Dock you at the first Station in your Solar System with the click of a button. This Macro also has it's own Autopilot because the in-game Autopilot is ******* bullshit! // HotKeys: Home - Start Cargo Hunt Ctrl+Home - Dock you at the nearest Station Ctrl+A - Autopilot Insert - Pauses the Macro Delete - Restarts the Macro End - Closes the Macro // Prep Work: 1. The Cross CanFlipper folder must be put in your C Drive ----> C: 2. The Overview Folder goes C:UsersUserDocumentsEVE Once in game import my Overviews by Right clicking the Overview Menu and selecting Import. If there's some problem or it messes up your Overview, make it manually in new tabs. Tab 1 (Can Flip): Check only Cargo Container (Under Celestial) and all the ships except minning ships. Tab 2 (Autopilot): Same as Can Flip, but deselect Cargo Container and Select Stargate and Station (Under Station) instead. After you save these make sure you load it in Overview Profile AND Bracket Profile. NOTE: Make sure you sort your Overview in your Autopilot tab by the first category (icons). If you are sorting it by Distance and and there's so many Jump Gates and Stations in your system that you have to scroll down to find the right one, THE MACRO WONT SEE IT. So either sort by icons or make your Overview big enough so that you never have to scroll. 3. The game MUST be run in either Fixed Window or Window Mode, NOT FULLSCREEN. 4. I believe it can run in any resolution. 5. DO NOT FORGET: When going Cargo Hunting make sure your Overview is set to Can Flip. When Autopiloting make sure your Overview is set to Autopilot. // Notes: The Treasure icon in your tray bar means the Macro is currently paused. If you have any problems try matching your settings the best you can to mine in the Settings Image. If you find any bugs you know where to find me. If you don't know where to find me then love you YOU for stealin my love you! This hasn't been tested on anything other than win 7 64x.
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