CR82 70SP DPS - Trading for LoL NA Account.

Discussion in 'DC Universe Accounts - Buy Sell Trade' started by Facebook, 9/26/13.

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    Hey guys I have a DC Universe Online account that i'm not interested in anymore. I made the account and leveled it up myself. It's not phished, its 100% mine. I would love to trade the account for a decent league of legends account. One that preferably has some skins and alot of champs. I have spent over 100$ on the game membership/station cash/replays etc.. Some items I have ingame are portable workstation and arkham asylum joker for legends pvp I also have premium since ive spent more then 5$ on the game. I have also purcahsed Battle For The Earth DLC, So you can do gates/prime and the t3 alert without legendary. As far as gear goes. I have some T4 pve gear. I got T4 HEAD T4 CHEST T4 L T4 BACK T4 SHOULDER and i got about 20 marks now, and I think around 2500-3000 Marks Of Trumphs, -= The DPS is electricity I top leaderboards and I got a low cr level gadget troller on the account also. the gears all pretty much modded with right mods. Might 4 etc. might/power and might/health4's I can provide screenshots of the account of anything you want. Scammers Don't Waste Your TIME! If interested please leave a reply on my thread and I will get back with you. I use messenger, I don't have and I perfer you to use , Since I don't want a bunch of random people sending me request's.. Please reply here and I will give you the email in a pm if your interested. I'm not looking for anything bogus or out of the price range. I just want a nice decent LoL account I dont caer about ELO. I do wish the account had a wide variety of champs to play already. Accounts with some rp and ip already on it.. Some with skins, Just lets see what u have, thanks runs - - - Updated - - - Or I will trade this account for some RP cards For League of legends. Looking for about 40-50$ worth of Riot Points and I will trade fair and square
Thread Status:
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