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    I'm going into the Air Force on January 3rd and as a result I've found that I've lost the long term motivation to continue seriously playing video games and as a result I've decided to throw this account on MD and see what happens. Account Type : Collector's Edition / Preorder Race: Elyos Class: Cleric Level: 46 Server: Azphel This character is currently in one of the top guilds in the US ( Several server first fortress takes and boss kills ), and in good standing with the rest of the server. In PvP/Healing gear this character has 5,772 HP and 6,275 mana which is great for survivability, while also having up to 1,100 magic boost with magic boost equipment. This character does of course have the amazing Collector's Edition Wings, Preorder items, and very nice 20% additional run speed boots ( ! ). For Healing every single piece of his gear except 1 earring is blue ( With 2 identical blue earrings ready in his bank for level 49, and they are the best available before 50 ). His magic boost set includes 3 pieces of green gear socketed specifically for damage. Has a very good fabled weapon socketed with high end HP manastones and a Godstone, as well as being enchanted for extra magic boost and damage. Waiting in the bank also is one of the best Cleric Helms in the game, a level 49 fabled helmet which drops off of a level 51 raid boss that spawns in the abyss ( very competitive and not easy by any means to get ). The character currently has 3.5 million Kinah, with several million worth of manastones, consumables, and crafting material in his bank and inventory. The character currently has 36,688 Abyss Points used for purchasing the highest end gear, consumables, and stigmas in the game ( 1,430 Lifetime kills, which is impressive to say the least ). The character has 4 charges of Lodas amulet left ( 20% Bonus exp from monsters ), 25/50 Titles, many of which give great stat bonuses, extra movement speed, etc. This Cleric is an absolute monster in pvp, period. He has the perfect stigmas, manastones, and more or less anything he needs to dominate PvP as I have been for the past month since release with my guild. I'm not looking for an instant sale, but I am very willing to negotiate on price, I'm not looking for nearly the mark-up that most of the resellers here on MD would charge, so don't be afraid to approach me if you're even slightly interested. If you'd like to see his profile, screenshots, or have any questions or interest in the account you can reach me on aim at wmd221.
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