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    maybe you guys already saw this post before, and yeah it's the same cleric of Fox i buyed from him and now i wanna sell it, don't have time to play anymore, that's the infos atm Level 50 Server: Siel Race: Elyos Version: NA Class: Cleric Collectors edition version!!! Gear: (All socketed with 85hp stones) 3/5 Miragents 2/5 Anuhart Anuhart Shield Xenophones Warhammer Best available Anuhart Belt End game Campaign Necklace Dark Poeta Jewerly LVL 50 Wings Professions: Max Armorsmithing 449 Max Aether Gathering Max Vitality Gathering Quest: All campaign quest completed as well as 98% of the normal quest. (excludes Miragents which is almost complete) Stigmas: Have every advanced stigma available with all stigma slots open Other Info: Over 15m worth of stones and crafting materials in bank. 1 Alt Char which is a 32 Gladiator with 2/5 Daeva and twink gear. 5 Month Daeva Veteren This char will have no problem beating any class 1 on 1 if played correctly. Char is capable of healing Rank S Dark Poeta boss and has downed S rank boss many times. No trades, Minimum of 150 dollars. Any other questions feel free to ask. Payment and access will be decided once a deal is made. any questions pm me with your AIM or and we can talk about ACCOUNT SOLD PLEASE LOCK THE THREAD
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.