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    Reason:Bored of maple quiting.

    Wish to contact me

    AIM: scandolus trick

    msn: *****************************************************

    Will end to first bid lates

    First of all, that eBay Listing will be removed soon, second, this guy is known to scam, if you don't believe me, go through a few pages, you'll see this same hermit be posted twice, and both are attempted scams, he scammed 40$ off of me.

    Theres no way to scam on ebay you retard... i have to give them the info.. -_-

    Scammer. i have Screenshots.

    You can scam on eBay just as easy as on here, stop bringing your scam over here, make your own ****ing money, I'm tired of you, seriously, you want money, go work. Your nothing but dirt. Get the **** out of here, and stop with your scam.

    Dude idk what the Hell your talking about even ask a mod you can't scam on ebay..

    Yes, you actually can, now stop trying, face it, you're a known scammer.

    If you scam on eBay, all that happens is they report you, you get a warning, nothing else. Next they take action, it is not impossible to scam on eBay, its just as easy as anything else. Now seriously, get the hell out, I'm tired of you.

    dude **** im sick of you fkin retards not my fault that love you didnt take his account the usernames the same if u dont believe me ill prove it.

    Its over buddy...Just click that X at the top-right of your screen. :)
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