Sold CHEAP 4.6M Hoarder Acc with +50k Cristals 320 Zeta mats 1st in squad/fleet with shard chats 230 USD

Discussion in 'Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes SWGOH Accounts for Sale' started by AdkBruno, 4/3/20.

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    After too much thought I reached the decision to sell my main account... I had some rough weeks, and soon I'll have no time (and reliable internet to play it) and I dont want to see so much work to reach the top go to waste on a casual guild or etc, so I'll have to sell it Cheap because I don't have much time...

    Ps just for Android, couldn't get it to work on iOS :/

    3+ Year old daily account with 4.6M (2.6M and 2M Fleet )

    Consistency on GA always on Kyber except once or twice (Life got in the way)
    Lifetime GA Championship Score 226,235 at the moment ( April)
    Championship Undersized Squad Battles Won 281

    On an Awesome Alliance, 258M Guild
    52.000 crystals saved up
    At this time 202 omegas and 320 zetas mats and 140M credits
    only 1 person sharing payout time on squad and alone at fleet (never changed timezones so 2 changes for use)
    Discord Shard chats for both, great people and easy access
    150 7* (some without promotion to prevent GP inflation but with all 330 shards complete and more)
    20 g13 ( Do have gear for more,so whoever buys it chooses )
    501 reliced, sith empire reliced, Galatic rep reliced etc..
    Kenobi Ship almost at 7 stars but I usually use Grievous even at 5 Star can get 1st always (Hux Finalizer at 4 stars and 20 shards )
    397 ship omegas 894 Reinforcemnts materials

    Raids: Sith 501 on p1 and p3/p4 Sisters/Anakin for 80M+ Damage / Tank Shaak Clones c3po auto full clear

    For Completionists :All stars in the game except for 501 Anakins event and Finalizer event for now
    Only Farming Relics on Cantina, Hux ST and Ywing on Normal energy, random gears at ships energy

    Any other info, GG, screenshots etc... You can ask me at Discord AdrickBruno#2027
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