Selling Challenge Mode Gold Armor Mage removed in mop!, 3X Level 120 ilvl 350 +, open to offers!,ghuun curve

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    Here is my first ever world of warcraft account for sale, i have been playing this game since 2012 on this account. i have gathered around 20,000 achievement points! (ahead of the curve ghuun from BFA included) many ingame rare items - Challenge Mode Gold armour for my mage, armour appearance that was taken out the game in 2013 and hasnt been avaliable since nor will ever be. Tabard of flame a very rare TCG item, tabard of the lightbringer + Crimson death charger and shadowmourne on my level 110 paladin. Many rare mounts with low drop chances including - all challenge mode gold pheonixes, azure drake, all black war mounts, dune scavenger, flametalon of alysrazor, fiery warhorse (old model) grand expedition yak, green primal raptor (avaliable for alliance) travelors tundra mamoth, invincible, lil donkey, mekgineers chopper, onyxian drake, raven lord, red primal raptor, sky golem, spawn of galakras, thundering ruby cloud serpent (from alanis sky crystal) twilight drake, 4x vicious war mounts from rated areana, violet spellwing, winterspring frostsaber, sea turtle.
    also comes with 20 + titles
    Battletag name change still avaliable

    Mage armory - Itspatch - Character

    Level 110s
    Rogue armory - 354 ILVL Lanaix - Character Challenger title (pvp)
    Hunter armory - 356 ILVL Nutoff - Character
    Monk armory - 348 ILVL Stunyournan - Character

    Level 110s
    Shaman - Fortnut - Character Challenger title (pvp)
    Paladin (With shadowmourne and tabard of lightbringer) Patchyh - Character
    Priest - Patchyep - Character
    Horde Warlock - Darkminger - Character
    Druid - Pchi - Character
    Warrior - Buggins - Character
    Death knight - Patchee - Character

    Level 100s
    Alliance Rogue - Patchpew - Character
    Alliance Warrior - Patchyea - Character
    Alliance Warlock - Arthuran - Character
    Alliance Hunter - Patchyupp - Character Challenger Title (pvp)
    Demon Hunter - Pch - Character

    Level 90s
    Mage - Patchyeh - Character
    Shaman - Patchyup - Character

    WoWScrnShot_112318_204113.jpg WoWScrnShot_112318_204033.jpg WoWScrnShot_112318_204450.jpg WoWScrnShot_112318_205313.jpg WoWScrnShot_112318_205410.jpg WoWScrnShot_112318_205457.jpg
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