CE L40 Chanter 20 Glad FS/FT

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    Chanter: - 3 Million Kinah - Legendary Abyss Ring costs 44k AP - 34k additional AP - Rare Chest, Grieves, Boots, Gloves, Helmet & Necklace - Boots give +20% run speed - Gloves give +6% atk speed - Best group based Stigmas! Very Rare and expensive - Spec'd in Shield and HP Manastones for superior surviability. - Account active until the 29th of November. - Maxed Bank and Inventory space The glad is a basic lvl 20, good gear for its level and a great weapon. - Purchased most of the Bank and Inventory space. The account has a lvl 10 Spirit Master also -Has enough food to level up the craft and be set on good items for months. (Was my food resource storage) - Purchased most of the bank and inventory space. Looking for 150.00 Or both a Fallen Earth Account and Darkfall Account if EU needs to have NA transfer option available.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.