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    Selling LV3 Skiller With 99Fishing [1x99]Hey , KGB1953 here selling a lv3 skiller with 99 fishing. Has zero blackmarks and will use MM/OMM if requested as I currently have no vouches. Will remove email when I get a serious bid and/or buyer. Pictures below: Cheers, KGB1953Trade main for account with a 99.Trade for this account? 68 Combat. And member! I am looking for an account with a good 99 stat! It has email and recovs but I will remove when I find an account with the 99 stat I want.Buying obby mauler! [RSGP]Hello Im looking to buy an obby mauler! I only have up to 15m to spend sadly. I will NOT go first unless YOU'RE much more repped than I What it MUST have! 70+ Strength 1 attack 1 defense 1 pray (unless mith gloves) Range doesn't matter but below 69 UNDER 50 HP Trusted Member No Recovs/e-mail 55 slayer and a "decent" name (not qq6dq7fd8fs) is a BIG plus POST HERE OR PM ME WITH PICTURES FIRSTSelling Level 3 Skiller 1.1k+ total lvl! (PP/RSGP) ( 1 2 3 ... Last Page)Looking for $50 or 100m, or best offer :[email protected] Im cool with using a if you can pay the fees Skills: Bank: Lobby Page: Offences:Selling Starter pure never been memsEdit: SoldSelling lvl 3 never played char membs till 24 november 011 for 3m rsgp it is yoursHey guys got this char membs but dont use it. It has no skills no marks no recovs bassicly its just clean. :// :// So for 3m rsgp it is yours, Just want to get rid of it.Level 3 pre-skiller! 99FM 70 WC BIDHello, I made this account a month ago and got 99 firemaking on it, I'm going to stop playing runescape soon and don't want this account anymore. This account has a three letter name! Taking any reasonable bids. Post your if you're bidding! I'm happy to go first if you're trusted! Paypal or RSGP.Buying high range puremust be 1 def very low atk/str pray doesnt matter 1 summoning 85+ range Paying RSGP/PP/or swap if youre interested Send me a PM :p
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.