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    ~ Selling Level 59 Beast Pker! 30+ Days Left!Level 59 pker, still member for about 30 days, great stats. Has some gear, not much cash but enough to get out and pk! Has pots and sharks on him. Great for ddsing as well. Very versatile. Animal Magnetism has been done as well! STATS~~~(Total Level: 754) HP:64 Attack:60 Strength:66 DEFENSE:1 Range:71 Fletching:86 Fishing:83 Crafting:73 Agility:45 Woodcutting:36 Cooking:46 Thieving:15 Slayer:20 Magic:39 Mining:23 All skills left off are 1. Clean account, no botting or black marks. I am the original owner of this account as well. Send me an e-mail at [email protected] our send me a message! Can send screen shots if needed!Selling: Cb 44 ~ herb99, cook99, fish 96Display name: Baby Making Skillis 99: herb, cook Account Pictures Price: U say price ( i take only usd and rsgp ) ! Messenger: [email protected][buyin]ddser/gmauler 1def with dt done! no recoverys set!! 10m-75mleave accounts info below if im interested i will let u know.. we will be using official middle man[Rsgp/Paypal] Level 57 obby mauler |6x 99's| SkillcapescoolsBuying starter skiller [10M RSGP]im looking for a skiller to start skilling anything really il pay 10 mill i want it to have at least 76 fishing preferably, but il consider anything pm me or post here your offersPoll: [600+ vouches/200b+/27+ accounts sold/2007] CrazyPipe's Massive Acc SHOP [PP/RSGP] ( 1 2 3 ... Last Page)If you need RSGP for Your accounts or you want to buy an account and then pump it with gp, Click here to enter my RSGP selling Shop [PP/PA/WU] : [email protected] POST YOUR BELOW BEFORE ADDING ME. SOLD ACCOUNTS TO 2 MOD+XMOD SO FAR. SOLD AN ACCOUNT WHICH IS CURRENTLY 99RC TO A GUY(PROOF THAT I DONT RECOVER) if im on ebuddy i can still sell the accounts cause ive got the info written down. RULES: IF YOU TRY TO SCAM ME(after i sell you the account you chargeback the money), I KEEP THE ACC AND I WON'T REFUND MONEY! Account 1 - 3cb with 76rc, 31m wealth =32$SOLD Account 2 - 20cb pure mage with 1atk1 str 1 def 1 range 1 pray 32mage 20hp, 85mining and 22mil cash. THE ACCOUNT HAS GRIMREAPER HOOD. - 22$ SOLD Account 3 - 3cb with 80mining and 15.9m, the account also has 40crafting 15$ SOLD Account 10 - 3cb with 60farming and 65 thieving; has 26m. 25days of p2p(07.12.2010 today) 28$ SOLD Account 11 - STAKER!!! 1 PRAY!!! 72+4cb 1 atk 10str 78range 70def 36sum pure with very good skiller stats and ~37m. lrc mined from 77 to 82mining.44 $ SOLD Account 12 - 21cb, stats are below. basicly a 1def pure with 71mining and 5.9m 6$ SOLD Account 13 - 3cb, 69farming, 65 thieving, 63m wealth 13+days of p2p (28.12.10) 63$ SOLD Account 14 - 3cb, 68farming, 65 thieving, 58m wealth 13+days of p2p (28.12.10) 58$ SOLD Account 15 - 40atk 79str and 1 def 2.5m wealth 19$ SOLD Account 16 - 3combat with 41m wealth, has 19days of p2p(13.01.11) 44$ SOLD Account 17 - 3combat with 36m wealth, has 19days of p2p(13.01.11)38$ SOLD Account 18 - 3combat with 75mining and 6.4m+, 15$ SOLD Account 19 - 3combat miner with 75mining and 6.7m 15$ SOLD Account 20 - custom request. making a 1atk 1 str 60def pure for a m8 18$ Account 21 - 3combat has 99thieving. It has 2str and has 16m thieving xp. Can make lots if u use it at master farmers. The account has 70plus farming 18$/28m rsgpSOLD Account 22 - 26str with 99thieving. Can make lots if u use it at master farmers. The account has 70plus farming.18$/28m RSGP SOLD Account 23 - 3cb with 79mining(5k to 80), 48smithing and 70plus wc. 5$ SOLD Account 24 - 54cb with 58str 40atk 40def 47dung 96mining26m SOLD Account 25 - 3combat, 99herblore, 99fletching, 20+ dung, 88crafting, 2m wealth 50$ SOLD Account 26 - 3combat, 70rc, 296k rc tokens, 74mining, 11dung 30M SOLD Account 27 - 4 letter name.119/127cb. F2p pker 47prayer 99atk 99str 99def 99hp 87range 85dung 80herby 80crafting 70smithing 86mining rapier, not quested. Acc has 45 effigies! Has a few thousands of charms(for 130+cb in a few hrs) Was my personal staker/f2p pker and I was the original owner ofcorse 130$ SOLDBuying a pure mageHello, like the title says i am buying a new pure after my accounts were hacked and everything stolen i have saved up some money and wish to spend it on a new pure, i will only go first if i deem you trustworthy, post your mage pure accounts here and i will get back to you if i like them or not, thanks,Freakiebacons Account Shop - Cheap and TrustedHi guys I dont play runescape anymore as botting came to a stand still. I have many accounts that I would like to sell for some real life money or eceptions I will be taking RSGP for the accounts. All the accounts are pure based or are unique in some way, Mainly staking. Between all 3 accounts i have made over 5B from staking which i have sold. Now its just the accounts left to sell. Would be great to get some offers! thanks! All Accounts have Security - Email and Recovs - to prevent scammers scamming - On purchase you will recieve all previous information of the accounts and anything else you request Would be looking for paypal offers. or in excpetion i will accept RSGP My Vouches - :///showthread.php?t=1223009 Account Number 1. features - All skill capes are bought Torso dragon defender whip seers ring Most main quests completed Account Number 2. Features - Strenght cape lost city Insane staker Account Number 3. Fully charged raiper Brackish Blade Obsidian cape Looking forward to seeing your offers! thanks guys
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