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    TRADING FCAPE PURE , for a range pure (good stats)NvmmmSelling good starter pureit also has 50+ summon banked this is my pure im the original owner im taking offers rsgp onlyselling a lvl 79 with 60 att 98 str 10 def!hello, im selling an account with 60 attack,98 strength 10 def, pic of stats: NOTE: its not member, good for f2p pking. interested? add: [email protected] happy bidding^^[RSGP] Selling EPIC 96 Mage DT Pure!No stupid offers, theres recs and email, will be switched over to your own email etc, info will be given. Minimum bid: 20M, i spent over 20 making this account.. account has 96 hunt so major money making with grenwalls and imps... Offer up"!99hp 25cb for saleI'm selling a hitpoints pure with 99hp, 25cb. It has 95 fletch, so not too far from 99 for a trimmed cape. Looking for offers of IRL money, ssgp (money on the private server 'soulsplit'), or a good amount of rsgp. Also, it has membership active at the moment, and will expire on 11th October 2011. Great 20 Attack Corrupt Pure! 88 Str! 54 cb!Great lil' corrupt. Has 13 def from nature spirit for rune gloves, or you could make it a initiate corrupt. Whatever you want. Pic's below. Will take RSGP/Paypal. I am the original owner of the account, can provide acc details. No Pin. No recov's. Account has no offenses. Offer.selling a swed obby mauler 30cb!!!!!!64 str 37 hp 44 range usally obby maulers cbs r 35+ I will use a omm if u pay feesLow Level Staking Prodigy. INCREDIBLE deal, TRUSTED!!~~~~!~
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.