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    [SELL] Dungeoneering pure; runeminer/LRC minerHello, i've got fed up by dungeoneering like for ever, so im gonna sell my account. It has 3 chaotics on it and ~200k tokens left, also it's ring (berserker;tactician) is almost fully upgraded so by deupgrading it u get like another ~130k tokens. Runeminer or LRC miner needs no explanation though. Dungeoneering pure: Stats: Blackmarks: Tokens,weapons: Login: I have all details about that account and i'm the first owner. Runeminer: Bank,stats: Login: Blackmarks: I have all details about that account and i'm the first owner. Price: OFFER! : [email protected] PAYMENT: RSGP/PAYPAL $ What you are buying: You are purchasing the virtual Runescape account as shown in the description. Included in your purchase is a .txt file with alll of the account's information, including: • Log-in Email Address • All Passwords • Membership Upgrade Information(If have been member) • Creation DetailsRunepure/99fisherselling for 20m obo Has membership until november 18th and is excellent for fishing rocktailsQuitting Runescape | Selling Account[CHEAP]Had this account for a while and really dont like runescape anymore. Not expecting much, just offer.rsgp]~selling nice starter range tank!~[[paypal]post on thread or send me a private message with offers. this account is a great starter range tank past the quests that everyone hates to do! its already 70+ range,44 prayer and 45 def.account has finished fremminik trials, dwarf cannon, animal mag, death platue, holy grail, fight arena,preist in peril, the grand tree and tree gnome village. account comes with a 500K bank. Im looking for roughly $15-$20 or perferably 25m rsgp. will take offers. will go first if trusted otherwise we can use a MM. STATS Uploaded with WEALTH Uploaded with ImageShack.usLevel 86 Rune Pure (Mostly Quested)So, after hearing that they have FINALLY fixed this game, I am here after a VERY LONG quitting period. So I logged in to my pure, and remembered that I dropped all my love you just before the "No free trade" update. I want to play again, I just know that I can't do so without some starting money. All I want is my 60 attack pure to pk on, and to do that I plan on selling all my old accounts for some starter money. I have 8 old accounts that I am the ORIGINAL owner of, and plan on selling them all to one person. I'm not looking for much... Auto-win would be 30M. I'll start by saying the bidding starts at 20M, and hope someone finds at least my rune pure worth the money. Please remember, I am selling ALL of these accounts to one person. I do not want them. The only one you're probably interested in is the Rune pure or the main anyway. Thanks. Account #1 Account # 2 Account # 3 Account # 4 Account # 5 Account # 6 Account # 7 Account # 8Selling HUGE bot farm (30 accs) all 99 mage with 2 weeks+ membership CHEAPHey guys, I have over 30 member accounts all with 99 mage and more then 2 weeks of membership on all (most end member ship on nov15-16). None have recovery questions and i have NO intention of scamming anyone. You can buy 1 or you can buy 30, be my just ask for em. Pm me, comment here, or add my ([email protected]) I feel this update is the end, if not then i still do not want to bot and ruin the game. I want them to go to good use, and i really do not like seeing the membership be wasted lol. Give me an offer and i will probably take it! Ps... MOST HAVE OVER 20MIL MAGE XP!selling good combat based main, (RSGP or Account trade)I am selling my main account, when i got the stats up i didnt do much quest, mainly focused on getting combat stats to my likeing. his name is nickthe true, his cb lvl is 93 and his combat stats are 70 atk 82 str 70 def 87 range 90 mage 50 prayer and 76 constatution, he also has 88 wc. I want RSGP for him go ahead and start bidding, or an account trade, and the account im looking for is an obby maul pure, d claw pure, or a pker with high str 60 atk and high mage, with desert treasure done. A/W= 40mil, but start bidding and showing me account until then. (the account trade is worth more to me than the RSGP)PURE ACCOUNT SALE--4 pures for sale AMAZING stats ---MUST [email protected][email protected][email protected]!Account #1 Range/Gmauler NO SWAPS!!!!!!!!! a/w 50m--- Account #2 a/w 100m All around amazing 1 def pure with dt done and addygloves Account #3 a/w 200m Incredible rune pure. Has lunar and ancient spell books as well as rune gloves, full zammy book, and a FIRE CAPE! Account #4 a/w 35m---- A 2 def pures with dt done and 44 prayer pretty good account to start off with also has avas.
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