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    Selling lvl 63 - 1 def, 91 str, 77 rng, 72 con [RSGP]Hey guys, I am selling my 1 def pure cos I need gp for my main. Registered with a fake email, I have no need for it. F2p. I have all details. Login Details: Stats: Combat Level: Bid away. I have no Autowin, but I am thinking around 50m? Add [email protected] The ULTIMATE Level 70 Hybrid ¥ 94 Strength ¥ 82 Mage ¥ 99 HuntingI am ONLY accepting rsgp. Nothing else. AutoWin: 100mil Code: Your Offer: Your :Selling GODLY Level 90 Zerker ¥ 96 Strength + 94 Mage ¥I am ONLY accepting rsgp. Nothing else. AutoWin: 75mil Code: Your Offer: Your :[RSGP] Sellling Chaotic Pure. 80 atk, 90 str, 1 def, 90 DUNGE!!!! [MM, 25+ Vouches]Soldy!!!Buying Good 1 Def PureLooking for good almost maxed / maxed fully quested 1 def pure from a trusted seller. Atleast 90+Str 90+Ranged 80+ Dung 94+ Mage Post what you have. I have: 120M Cash (May find more) Irl Money 99 Atk-Str-Def-Cons-Fletch-Cooking 91 Slay 2000+ Total Main 95 Ranged-90 Def 99 Fletch 99 Cooking 73 Summ Ranged Tank 1700+ Total 92 Att 91 Str 91 Def 91 Ranged 94 HP 99 Cook 68 Summ 1750+ Main 35 HP - 96 Ranged - 1 Def Pure Starter / Dbower 41 att - 41 str - 85 ranged - 80 mage - 65 Dung - Pure StarterSelling 99 Prayer Lvl 60selling a lvl 61cb acc with 99 prayer cost me 300m, please no low balling gladly considering any offers of RSGP or PAYPAL i can remove email and recoveries.. i have only decided to do rs sales from now on, i will not play rs so i think you can trust me. but thats your decision here are some screenshots:Buying 1 defence Strength PureHi im buying a 1 defence strength pure. atleast 85 strength 70 range 80 magic i would other skills up to such as fishing, wood cutting, fire making, and mining to 70. rune crafting and crafting to 50. ect. i will pay no more than 50 us dollars paypal[Selling 90dung [200k tokens] + firecapeA/W: 35mil :[email protected]
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.