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    [RSGP/PP] Fully Quested Pure With Firecape [RSGP/PP]closeee[RSGP]Selling a beast lvl 72 staker 1 pray 1 def[RSGP]The time has finally come, after making 700m off this account im deciding to sell it because I do not want to continue staking and im planning to play on my main I've already cleaned the account so it has nothing , email will be deleted once I find Legit buyer. Rules: I will not go first unless you have 20 + vouches in 500$ of trading or more ( no training vouches etc.) A/W 125m I will do 50/50 if you have 5 vouches or more + I will use OMM, you pay fee's Scammer please do not post here as you are wasting your time because your not going to get me Stats: login: A few high stakes with this account: Uploaded with[PayPal] 101% Quested Pure [INSANE BANK] Addy Gloves, DT, MM, Ele Workshop II & More ( 1 2)Post offers Below The account has 1m in items MAX. I removed all GP and will sell that separately. Offers under $20 Will be REPORTED AS SPAM. A/w $50/60m RSGP I WILL NOT BE GOING FIRST TO ANYONE Vouches + in sig[SWAP]Looking for a pure![SWAP]Selling Zerker And A PureSelling Zerker And A PureRSGP ONLY LOWEST IS 80M : [email protected] com A/W 15m RSGP Has no wealth except 300k so dont ask : [email protected] com[SWAP]Looking for a pure![SWAP]Ill swap my 93 strength lvl 81 pure for an account that has 70 att, 99 str and 94 mage, 1 pray and 1 ranged. We will use and omm or a very good mm like fateality[PayPal] Level 95 Tank with 98 Range[Paypal/RSGP]I will take offers in paypal or RSGP. The account is level 95, and only has a email which will be removed when a buyer is found. I am looking for around $35 or 40Mil RSGP Uploaded with HAS MARIJUANA RELATED NAME
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