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    swapping 131 main for a 94 mage pure or zerkerI have a lvl 131 main that i would like to swap for any type of pure or zerker that has 94 mage, or money to get 94 mage. will go first to trusted members and can meet in game. email and - [email protected][Paypal] Selling Staker 98 cmb 1 Pray 1 SummDone with runescape now i hadnt played for 3 years came back for free trade won a few gp and now im bored of it again here you can buy my staker its picture is below: unsetting recoveries now and email will be set to whatever you want only looking for paypal as i have no use for RSGP. add my [email protected] to buy it cheers[HOT] Godlike Pure 94 Magic/91 Range/86 Strength/Gloves/1DEF [Pure Quests Done]hello and welcome to my sale thread! today, I will be selling my unique pure. I no longer have any use for this pure, has I use my turmoil zerker. here is a picture of the stats: What you get when you purchase this account: All previous info needed to recover the account Recovers and email will removed when I find a serious buyer. The combat level is 73, and all pure quests are done included addy gloves. Rules: Will go first to trusted, if I deem you not trusted, you go first, or we can do 50/50. A/W 70M S/B 50M Add my [email protected] if interested.◄★►Beast Zerk◄►102 CB◄►B Gloves◄►269 QPS◄★► Trusted✔ RSGP Only✔ ★Near MaxedHi Sythe Leebums Here. Today i will be trying to sell you MY BEAST ZERKER. it is fully quested I am 47 Defence due to scammers. I quit this account because I am bored of it and am now a fan of one Defence pures. This account will be getting sold cheap. Might even get sold for the first offer i receive. If you are interested add my : [email protected] Rules for Trade: 1. You go first or we use OMM 2. We can do 50/50 if you please 3. I won't go first if you're not more trusted than i am. 4. Only serious buyers add my A/w- 70m L/w- 50m I know the bank is cleaned but i am willing to give you 2 mil to get started. So add my if interested- [email protected][SWAP][SALE][RSGP] iReapz Amazing Account Shop !! [RSGP][SWAP][SALE]Hey sythe i am putting an account shop on here and i will be adding accounts when i get them. i am not here to scam.., i may only have 2 vouches but i promise you i am here to scam no one... i am happy with using a MM Or OMM... So thets get on with the accounts shall we Acc 1: Lvl 118 1.2m cash 99 str + More A/W- $(Offer)... RS-GP- 40M ONO OR A SWAP (PLEASE OFFER) PIC: Acc 2: Lvl 3, 99 Fish, 65 Agility + More A/W- $45ono.... RS-GP: 22.5M ono...... Or A Swap PIC: NOTE THE 2006 WAS MENT FOR THE RECOVS NOT THE EMAIL !!!! So there You Have It Please If You have any Questions or Offer's Please Add Me On My : [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] Good Trade's 3 Bad Trade's 1 (Scammed out of 22m) Lateset Vouch (wrong section lol) : sythe/showthread.php?t=1034963 CHEER'S !!!!!!!!Selling 1 def PURE. PP..(possible rsgp)........[RSGP] zerker pure [99magic] [99strength] [veng] [paypal] ( 1 2)i am selling this Berserker pure. The account's 45 def is quested, has got addy gloves, havent just had the time to do barrow gloves. Has done Desert treasure,Lunar diplomacy,Monkey madness,dragon slayer,nature spirit etc... Combat Level is 95! The account is one month P2P. I will take down the e-mail if requested. Has got zamorak book with all pages. The reason i am selling this account is that i got [email protected] arena -.- If you are interested, then add [email protected] I know that i am a new member to this community, so we will use MM. Lunars:[Paypal]- Curtis1233's Account Sale -[Paypal] ( 1 2 3 ... Last Page)Hey guys, looking to sell a few accounts I've accumulated over the years, as most of them aren't being put to use. So here they are: Only taking RSGP and/or RS Items Will apply a 1 Month membership card for 8m on any of the accounts sold! Names (These are all email-logins with fake emails eg: [email protected]) Acid Lord* Elf Magic* Rune Mart J C B Rune T * = Part of first 2000 runescape player's list Account 1 - Level 67 Account 4 - Level 46 Account 5 - Level 60 Account 6 - Level 56 Recovs are now off Low level main/skiller. ALL RECOVERIES AND/OR EMAILS WILL BE DELETED OFF THE ACCOUNTS ONCE A BUYER IS FOUND =] Thanks for looking =]
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