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    [RSGP] lvl 3 with 79 wc. ONLY 3.5M!EDIT: wrong forum, plz move to lvl 3-59 forum. ^has a original 5 letter name. no recovs. hoping to sell quick and painless.Zerker almost 99 strRecovs and email are on there but you can cancel them or something. I dont want this acc at all so i def wont change them.. Yep selling this acc $15 : [email protected] 2 AMAZING ACCOUNTS (1 PERFECT ZERKER PURE) (1 PERFECT void PURE 99RANGE/MAGE) ( 1 2)#N/AAs you can read in the title, im selling a 99 range, 70 defence Tank I Will not go first unless your trusted. Stats: Can Provide Picture of Login if your intrested. A/W set at 40m Rsgp. Offer Awaysell epic rune pure must go now only $4 (paypal)ok guys im selling this rune pure to try to get some quick cash to get membership on my pure i will not be going first only to very trusted i only want paypal and the account has an email on it but i have the email address and password for that email that i will give to the buyer after the payment is completed or if they want i can remove the email befor they buy also anyway this need to go fast soe first one that bid $4 wins I will give you the email to this account i will go first to anyone with 25 + vouches or staff members i can add 500k -1m gp to the account if buyer wants it heres some picsBEAST F2P Pker For Sale!! 40 Attack, 99 STRENGTH, 70 Range, 1 Defense, 1 PrayHey, I'm selling this beast f2p pker. It will kill everyone in f2p wild and it's beast at staking as well! I'm only looking for RSGP. Here are some pictures of the account. It has members till June 3, 2011 and I also got the strength cape / hood on it. I will leave a Rune Scimitar, Monk Robes, a Glory Amulet and Combat Bracelet to start off for pking. The rest of the bank is just some arrows and some other junk. We will use a VMM for this trade as it is the safest option. Starting bid: 20M A/W: Not Set Add my if interested: [email protected] lvl 91 |Fletching 99 | woodcut 99 | &15milHey guys, I'm selling this account for 50$ It comes with 15Mil. My contact info is at the bottom. Combat - 91 Attack - 75 Strength - 74 Defense - 73 Dungeoneering - 1 Ranged - 67 Prayer - 50 Magic - 49 Rune-crafting - 26 Constitution - 75 Crafting - 49 Mining - 53 Smithing - 46 Fishing - 84 Cooking - 93 Firemaking - 63 Woodcutting - 99 Agility - 44 Herblore - 31 Thieving - 41 Fletching - 99 Slayer - 20 Farming - 11 Construction - 26 Hunter - 52 Summoning - 28 Its also gonna come with 15mil. I'm asking 50$ for it. i think that's a fair price. but I'm open to other possibility's. I only use paypal so it has to be through that. and i wont give the account till i see the transaction made. and only verified please.. If your interested Add me on . or you can email me. [email protected] Thanks guys! I look forward to being an active seller here at sytheswap-buying zerker pure- ( 1 2)looking now for RSGP im offering accounts such as : 107/112 main 99 woodcutting ] 83 tank - 70 def 84 range 80magic..-dt /mm ect complete +high hunting lookin for rsgp [email protected]
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