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    1 def, 80 dung, 200k tokens for YOU to decide!!60 attack 83 strength 1 defence 44 prayer 80 mage 80 range 80 dung 200k tokens for you to decide what chaotic you want. Pictures requested. As we are just trying to find buyers ready for when the pure is ready, me and my brother have NOT completed it. When you come to buying it, if you wish it WILL be the combat stats as stated above AND 80 dungeoneering with 200k tokens. Offers in rsgp or paypal! You first in both, I do not and will not go first. e/ Before you state about me wanting you to go first 'cause I'm a 'new' person to this site, I won't. I have been on jsp since 2009, never scammed done plenty of jobs for rs got vouches etc. Playing runescape for 5-6 years also, not like that means I won't scam but still.Selling Level 70 Proselyte PureIm selling a level 70 proselyte pure. here are pics. Leave me an offer. Quest required For Proselyte----> : [email protected][swaps/rsgp/paypal] Selling level 93 Zerker 42 Def 100% quested[swaps/rsgp/paypal]Here to sell level 93 Beserker pure. Will do omm if you pay fees - will go first to trusted sythers. Simple. Looking for Swaps(no mains) Rsgp 70-100M PayPal $80. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Noted quests: Summer's End Dragon Slayer Chosen Commander Rfd(rune gloves) Great Brain Robery What Lies Below(killed Bork) Forgiveness of a Chaos Dwarf Desert Treasure Noted items: Fighter Torso Firecape Rune Defender Salve amulet(e) All god books(6) Rune Gloves Void parts Pm or Post /offers V V V V[Paypal / RSGP] Unfinished Starter Chaotics Pure + More [Paypal / RSGP]You can contact me via Email ONLY or Sythe Private Messaging. Contact Email: [email protected] I really don't know the Value of these accounts nor do I care on how much I get. I'm working on my other accounts which are more important as I'm in need of a VPS. Unfinished Chaotics Starter Pure Free account when you purchase the above This account has Email / Recoveries. I would recommending changing them ASAP when you purchase this account 87 Rune Miner Skiller Moved Here: sythe/showthread.php?p=9175274#post9175274 Level 115-25 Main SOLD TO Chris2v[RSGP] Zerker - 99 Magic - 95 Strength - Quested - More!Selling my zerker for rsgp. I might take swaps if the offer is good but i'm mainly looking for a range tank or 80+ dung account. Important Quests - Monkey Madness, Desert treasure, Fremmy trials, Lunar Diplomacy, Dragon Slayer, RFD & alot more! AUTOWIN: 50M : [email protected] Stats Login BlackmarksSelling lvl 65 Blitz/Maul rusher - 2 99s - 85 Strength (Swed) - 31 Prayer [RSGP]Hello Rsbotting people, i am quitting Runescape so decided to sell my account, You can check it also at my "Pkedl's account shop" (Link:sythe/showthread.php?p=8621478#post8621478) A/w: Not set, Looking for offers. Add my email if interested or post here: [email protected] Link to my Account shop's thread: sythe/showthread.php?p=8621478#post86214781Defence Pure with DT Done and 82MageThis account can be a sick rusher but with the current stats already is at its cb CB Level: 60 Membership: Stats: Now 81 range! What it will come with: DT Done: This account has basic pk supplies for Pking and can be used as a rusher or pker! MSG Me on or post below if intrested!!99str, 13m, lvl 75 claw rusher. ( 1 2)I'm selling this pure, pretty good rusher, has like 13m wealth. offer away and ill choose what i want, i will NOT go first. i will NOT pay for omm, if you want omm then you pay the fees, account has recoveries i have no clue how to delete them, i tried stolen password but it didnt delete recoveries. I will provide the answers to whoever buys, and previous information. 45M-A/W i will NOT consider anything under 13m. post here with your offer, and i will add you on .
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