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    lvl 92 F2P 98 P2P turmoil pure [RSGP]all quested as far as a turmoil pure goes 170 qp all main 1s done has addy gloves ect looking for RSGPSelling Maxed 25DEF PURE -80attk,99str,hp,range,mage,25def,70DUNG[RSGP] ( 1 2 3)Hey all, Im selling this pure as I am moving on from RSRSRSRSRSRSRSRSRS, simply no time for it anymore, and if i do login it will be on my main or my mini pure, just to see what friends are doing etc. RSGP ONLY - NO SWAPS PAYPAL - GO BUY SOME RSGP PAYPAL NOT ACCEPTED. We can Use official MOD MM for the trade, pay fees, or either you go first with half etc. Prefered option is MOD MM though. STATS: BANK: LOGIN: OFFENCES: MY = [email protected] Cheers![RSGP]Selling Two AWESOME Pures [RSGP]sythe/showthread.php?t=1112322[RSGP]Two Amazing Pures! [RSGP]These accounts DO have recoveries, which will be removed when a serious buyer is found, will provide all old information and emails. Account 1 : Combat level 64. Pictures _________________ Login : Stats : _________________ Account 2 : Combat Level 47 (Is now at 64 Ranged(Will be level 49 combat with 80 strength, 70 ranged, and 60 Constitution, that is if you level with range competition/soulwars.) (This account has a 22M bank, will verify in game.) Login : Pictures : Rules _________________ I will not go first, unless extremely trusted. I'm willing to use trusted MM's/VMM Don't add me asking me to go first. Don't add me without posting. : [email protected] ~Sweet Kush.[REALLY CHEAP] Selling lvl 84 Boxer - Full statius - 1Prayer/Summ ONLY 10M [CHEAPPPP]Hey Sythe community. Here i am selling another of my accounts. This time is one of my boxers. We can use a MM/OMM or you go first. I DONT MIND GOING FIRST TO TRUSTED MEMBERS. Looking for ONLY 10M RSGP. The account has no recovers/email. Can prove via teamviewer. My email is [email protected] Lv78 MainHey, im looking to sell this Lv78 main of mine. I have been playing RS for years but have finally had to let it go because of senior exams. I have no set price for it so can you please offer. My email is [email protected] if you would like to email me. Cheers, Here are some pics of the account: *edit will sell for $15 paypalSelling Lvl 82 zerk, 91 Mage/ 88 Ranged/ 84 StrenghtHey selling my zerker pure. 103 qp, Lunar done and all requirements + quests done for DT... RFD allmost finished, also all requirements and all skills needed to finish it. well guess thats it Enjoy A/W: 15M (bank about 4M) Uploaded with Uploaded with Uploaded with[RSGP]Good starter main[RSGP]I am selling a RuneScape account with fairly decent stats and many quests completed. View the pictures for more information. I can provide you with recovery questions, creation details, some billing info, but however, no email is currently set. The price is negotiable, so feel free to make me an offer. Post here or add my [email protected] If you don't want to to go first, we will need to use a MM but you pay for the fees.
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