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    lvl 85! 95 fishing MM done DT done!title says all! recov's and the bankpin will be given after purchase! MAKE THIS ORDER QUICK! s1188.photobucket/albums/...finished-1.jpg s1188.photobucket/albums/...d1finished.jpg s1188.photobucket/albums/...finsihed-1.jpg s1188.photobucket/albums/...d4finished.jpg s1188.photobucket/albums/...d5finished.jpg s1188.photobucket/albums/...d6finished.jpglvl 70-99 rangedlvl 70 with 99 ranged, i am original owner and will be providing all original information. am willing to do full recovery test with omm and will split fee's.. accepting pp only atm. offers please Buying a decent pure [RSGP]buying a decent pure must have mith gloves+ Decent stats must be 1 defence. ill pay 25-35m [email protected] add my if you have good pure[RSGP] Selling Rune Pure (Quested Def) [RSGP] ( 1 2)Also swaping. Has rune gloves,MM and DT done. It also has torso, fire cape, fighter helm, and rune defender. A/W 35m for now. PM or reply if interested. - [email protected] add me if interested[RSGP][SWAP] Level 70 DScim Pure [RSGP+SWAP]I am selling my Level 70 DScim Pure because i don't want 60 attack anymore. I will take RSGP or a Swap ONLY. - Will take low level pure + RSGP also I will not go first If i really like your offer i will maybe consider different [email protected] Account has no Recovs/Email S/B: 5m C/O: A/w: 25m[RSGP] 2 def - 94 mage - 62 dung - fully quested.Has elemental body...rune crafting robes... addy gloves and all that.. wanting to see what people would offer for it since i need gp for my main... Thanks `mike[RSGP] Selling 1def pure *94mage 72range* DT DONEyou get what is shown.. + whats in the bank, theres no cash in there, also the subscription will be canceled before purchase. post offersselling lvl 79 40 def ranger with vengIn the past 2 months i have lost over 600m dueling and i have grown tired of being let down as many times as i have dueling. i am quitting runescape and would like cash in my pocket for more important things so i am selling both my accounts, sythe/showthread.php?p=8580029#post8580029 --- to my other account level 134 main. this account is a 40 def ranger with 99 range and veng, it is a VERY good account for what combat level it is at in my opinion. based on the fact that im quitting due to be cleaned multiple times i have no more than 2 or 3m in items in my bank. both of my accounts are capable of making money easily so it should not be a problem. here are some screenshots of the account. bid starts at 50$. automatic win is 150$. i will NOT go first under any circumstances if you are not a trusted member, which means if your a scammer take it elsewhere because im not an under-educated 10 year old. if you are uncomfortable going first we can use an OMM or figure something else out.
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