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    Selling lvl 3 skiller [PAYPAL]Hey everyone, Today, I decided to quit runescape. It has become boring for me (I play it since 2004) and work and love are more important in my life. Because of this, i'm selling my skiller (and all of my runescape accounts). I know some won't belong here, but I dont feel like making several threads. I would prefer being paid in paypal. If that is not possible, we could discuss a price in RSGP, but it would be higher. I'll sell everything at a reasonable price, because I want to buy some games on steam. I have all informations about every account, and I will provide them to you if you buy one. I will only go first to very trusted people (who seem trusted to me). If not, you pay fees for an OMM or you go first. I hope to hearing from you soon! PS: I know that the accounts are not beasts. Don't flame me! PS2: If you buy every account, you may get some extra cheep prices. ACCOUNT 1 Combat level 3 Skiller: 74 thieving and 69 mining I will add more accounts soon (AND PICTURES), after dinner! Greetz, GioomBuying F2P Pure, Range/2h. --RS GP's.Paying In Gold.[Buying] Fresh Accounts [Buying]So I'm looking for 24-72 fresh accounts. I'll be paying with paypal or rsgp depending on your preference. PM me with your , I'll then reply with my own. Requirements: Must be made from before they took away free trade for new accounts. So, the accounts must have access to free trade despite being f2p. Under level 10 is a good thing to go by. The fresher the better.(RSGP) Selling low lvl with 61 mageHey there i have a lvl 45 for sale. Look at stats you can tell i was aiming for mage pure/skiller but failed with getn my other combat stats up so....and i just got anotha main will sell for 30 Million Runescape Gold As you can see he has the money/runes to get even higher mage. 30 million RSGP or best offer! Here's teh pic's and add me on my is dejetechRSGP/SWAPS(lvl 69 pure with 94 prayer)SWAPS/RSGP:// The acc has an email and recovs but will be deleted when i find a buyer. post here or add me to we can talk there. 50M and this acc is yours done with it and need money for a skiller i want to make.Free Account!!i just dont want it anymore whoever changes pass first gets, username: [email protected] pass: freeaccountSelling/Swapping Beastly Mage Pure!so im trying too sell or swap my mage pure, has mems as of last night and about 10m wealth Pic: [/] add my or offer here [email protected] Thanks.Skiller [Swap & Paypal] - 96 fsihing ! ~ JACKPOT!!!!Hi, its me again today i'm selling my skiller. Has a nice fishing level i wanna sell it or swap it. A/W 10MIL Happy trading
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