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    Beast Account Shop : Mains ♫ Stakers ♫ PkersI am ONLY ONLY ONLY ONLY ACCEPTING RSGP. Offer away. You first, or we get an OMM. Acc 1: lvl 134 Acc 2: lvl 106 Acc 3: lvl 90 Acc 4: lvl 101 Offer away. I am ONLY accepting RSGP. Leave your here, I will add you. Alway's ask for a PM.Selling 99 DEF 86 cb! OWNAGE! LOOK!Hello guys, I'm trying to sell my account for RSGP ONLY, going to start a new pure soon. The account has lots of potential, I just do not know what to do with it, so I'm going to see what I can get for it. I bought the account from Burnley some time ago. We will use him as an OMM, I have already paid him. Pictures: Post offers here. for I am not sure what he is worth.. [email protected][PP/RSGP] Selling Level 97 STAKER, 86-80-90-86 1 PRAYER! [PP/RSGP]Selling this staker as I am quitting runescape, I took all the gold of it & I am now selling gold also. I will take Runescape GP/Paypal Gift/Western Union/Bank Transfer. We will use an Official or a very Trusted ONLY. If you are interested in the account please add my : [email protected] thanks. With this account basicly you cant do nothing but stake. Box/Whip is your best bet. Stake big win big, Stake small win small. Few pictures below of some of the winnings I have won on the account. Afew winning stakes: There has been alot more winning stakes, made over 250M+ on staking, just forget to screenshot alot of the time. But yeah I cleaned 'Meh Tequila'Wtb Pure Account!!Need to buy a good str pure. Prefer if str is 90+ and atk is 70. dealing in rsgp only. Will go first if your VERY TRUSTED![Paypal Only][60+ Vouches] Goodman3209's Account Sale!!!! [Reliable][Great Accounts] ( 1 2)Note: the ones that show no quests have Lost City and Monkey Madness already done. I will not be going first and I have info to the accounts will use mm also. Account 1 Sold for 35$ Account 2 A/W 75$ Account 3 40$ with no money[ Has 57mill] Account 4 Sold for 15$Selling level 66 pure/check it out.hey guys, i'm selling for around 100m+ rs cash. stats: add my [email protected] lets talk!{[RSGP]}Selling nice pure with 93 strength and 71 ranged!!{[RSGP]}Selling a pure with 1M worth (I added 200K worth of logs and yews)! I dont go first! We can use any free MM! Or you can go first! A/W: 40M (NO PAYPAL) Starting bid: 8M (NO PAYPAL) Will delete recoveries when I get a serious buyer! Now some pics:[RSGP] Looking for 1 or 40-45 def pureLooking for the best I can get for 10m, preferably quested with Prayer 52 or lower, 1 summoning. 80+ stat and non-love you skills would be nice! Fire cape, torso, defender, stuff like that would be awesome! Not buying anything with recoveries or registered email. Not going first unless you're extremely trusted. Preferably using official/trusted MM. [email protected], post in thread, or PM me. ps: I wanna see pictures.
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